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Cause & Effect
Thesis Statements: PRACTICE
Pretend this is the topic:
Effects of requiring school uniforms
Good or Bad thesis?
(a) There are many positive effects of requiring children to wear school uniforms.

(b) School uniforms are a standard set of clothing that children are required to wear when they go to school.

(c) There are many positive effects of requiring students to wear school uniforms.

In order to avoid the complications usually associated with writing a thesis proposal, it is best to seek guidance.

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Our estimated cost for renovations, staffing and maintenance for A Home for Pathway is $50,000. For a small, all-volunteer rescue, this is a HUGE amount of money, but it is one that we are determined to achieve to give a home to our babies and save so many more lives!

We consider Petey, Greta, Ophelia, and Adeline our founding members of A Home for Pathway. They truly stand for who we are at Pathway. All four of these dogs are not easy adoptions, and all four have cost Pathway countless hours, dollars, tears, and moments of hopelessness. BUT, all four have given us so much more than we could ever give them. To come from lives of extreme abuse and neglect and learn to trust, love, and enjoy life – it’s something that most of us are incapable of. And, the people lucky enough to spend time with these beautiful dogs have been blessed to feel the power of forgiveness and love that only a dog could possess. We don’t know what the future holds for Greta, Petey, Adeline and Ophelia, but we promise to be there for them every step of the way.

traffic congestion is a serious concern in metropolis, which is due to the increase in traffic flow especially in peak timings. in my opinion, improving public transportation facilities as well as having traffic free zones would eradicate this issue.

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Hi Liz,
I have been attempted IELTS more than 6 times.
Each time I get the required overall score which is 7.5. However I don’t get the required score for the individual modules(which is 7). For instance if I get a score 8 in listening, 7.5 in reading and 7.5 in speaking, i get only 6.5 in writing. At the same time , in the next attempt i get a 7.5 in writing with a reading score of 6.5. this continues to happen in each attempts i make. Any one of the module will be scored 6.5 each time (even I got a 6.5 in listening when i had all my modules markred 7.5. This make me depressed . Please help me .
thank you

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If the topic is assigned...
Remember, a good thesis statement causes your reader to BE INTERESTED what you are saying.

Let's practice spotting thesis statements...

What is a thesis statement?
Does writing a thesis statement make you feel like this?
Are there different kinds of thesis statements?

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This means that you have the ability to hit band 7.5 in all sections but fail to do so repeatedly. This is can be due to your understanding of the requirements of the band scores. You may produce a band 7.5 essay in one test without realising why but then fail on your technique when you write the next test. Also tests have an element of luck involved. Your performance may vary depending on the topics and questions given. I suggest you review your reading skills: . Make a list of all errors you make in reading practice – why you made the error, the trap used and the paraphrasing used. Then review your understanding of the writing requirements. Don’t just look at the requirements for the score you want, read all band score requirements to learn why your score goes up or down: and also: . Also consider getting one or more of my advanced writing task 2 lessons so see where you are going right and where you are going wrong:

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View any time you craft. Tend not to forget about editing and enhancing huge areas a person’s thesis until very end. Will probably be extremely difficult together with relax and take a whole lot more time for you to formulate something you’ve gotten created times earlier than.