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In my report I will be talking about mental retardation and the different kids of mental illnesses.

m doing a research paper on the effects of mental retardation.

The fourteenth amendment’s injunction requiring equal protection under the law is violated by this difference in treatment because there is no good reason for it; although, as noted in Part I, there are psychological differences between people with mental retardation and people with mental illness, there are no significant, relevant differences between these two groups, or between them and children.

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Doe, which suggested that the state does not a good reason for discriminating between people with mental illness and people with mental retardation.

The meaning behind this term is actually nowhere near joking matters and someone who is considered in “mental retardation” conditions lives a dysfunctional life compared to your average Joe that is using this term out of its actual use.

Mental retardation occurs in 2.5-3% of the general population.

Edward Sequin.

1837, first study on a challenged child.
1839, first school.
1848, studies were brought to the U.S.

Thesis Statement
The population of citizens in the world with mental illnesses are being treated unfair due to the lack of support from he government to create modifications to help them survive as members of society.

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But it does suggest that people with mental illness, more so than youth or people with retardation, could have and should have done something about their condition prior to the crime. A closely related third argument is that people with mental illness, at least those who are adults, have had more of a chance to learn the mores of society than children or people with mental retardation. In other words, even if they were mentally ill at the time of the offense through no “fault” of their own, at the time of their crime they were not as mentally compromised as youth or people with mental retardation.

of children with autism also have some degree of mental retardation

The first argument’s assumption that mental retardation is easier to diagnose than severe mental illness is highly debatable. Although nonetheless adopted that assumption, it did so only as a justification for Kentucky’s provision permitting commitment of those with retardation on a lower standard of proof than that required for commitment of those with mental illness. Thus, even if we accept the proposition that mental illness is not as easily determined as mental retardation, that assumption at most explains a state’s decision to establish differing levels of proof for the two categories of disability.

and (3) mild to moderate mental retardation.

From this analysis, it is obvious that students with mental retardation cannot function effectively in a regular classroom. However, with the integration concept becoming more popular, changes in the curriculum may improve the learning process of these students. Firstly, educators have the responsibility of using a mode of instruction that is appropriate for mentally retarded students. In most cases, direct or personal instruction may be effective in enhancing the development of skills for such students. Additionally, the curriculum should involve courses that help the students discover areas of interest. This helps the instructor focus on such areas thus increasing the chances of success. Additionally, the use of assistive technology will enhance the skills of the students and help them practice what they are taught. In summary, personal assistance is required if the educator is to effectively meet the needs of a mentally retarded student.

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The problem is that these assertions about enhanced culpability of people with mental illness are just as speculative as the City of Cleburne’s claims that people with mental retardation are more dangerous than other, non-disabled groups.