Today I will talk about the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed homes, businesses, and factories from the high winds and flooding.
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The United States Department of Commerce reports in its October 2005 technical report, Hurricane Katrina, A Climatological Perspective, that this was the most costly disaster to devastate the US since September of 1928 and that this was the strongest storm to hit the US within the past 100 years.

During Hurricane Katrina, when the levees were breached, water flooded the town and their farm....
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Though fatalities were low in comparison to Hurricane Katrina, according to the National Hurricane Center, Hurricane Sandy resulted in “the greatest number of U.S.

Hurricane Katrina destroyed the whole New Orleans area as well as many other areas.
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(Bullard 1) This speech, “How Race Affected the Federal Government’s Response to Katrina” uses Hurricane Katrina and several other disasters to highlight inequities toward the black communities at all phases of disaster response....

This was the first major grant approved and funded by FEMA in response to Hurricane Katrina.
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As such, during the height of Hurricane Katrina’s rage, many journalists for once located their gag reflex and refused to swallow shallow and misleading excuses and explanations from public officials....

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Although there were several events in the history of this country that would lead one to the same conclusion it was the disproportionate suffering and devastation experienced by African Americans in New Orleans not only during Hurricane Katrina but long after the storm had passed tha...

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After Hurricane Katrina, 500,000 families were displaced, 200,000 homes were destroyed, and 600 congregations were demolished (The Old Man and The Storm).

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Not only did the sentiment expressed with those words resonate with many Americans watching the concert that day, but observing the post Hurricane Katrina aftermath some would go a step further and argue that the United States government doesn’t care about black people.

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It was this day that Hurricane Katrina came ashore and caused what was to be thought as one of the “most destructive storm in terms of economic losses” ("Hurricane Katrina —," 2007) of all times.