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Soldierswho say they are ready to die for their country refuse to take showers withhomosexuals.

Two examples are the automobile and the gun.

Violent debate, enthusiastic writings, shamefaced silence, flights of fantasy: few aspects of ancient society are so hotly contested as Greek pederasty, or - as we shall see below - homosexuality. Since the British classicist K.J. Dover published his influential book in 1978, an avalanche of new studies has appeared. We can discern two approaches:

Johnson case created much debate due to a burning of the American Flag.

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There is evident bullying of homosexuals in the school system; however, there is also a lack of acknowledgement of the triumphs within the homosexual population, failing to accurately portray historical events.

These acts are being created to legalize same-sex marriages and domestic partnerships.

It is not true that homosexual love for boys was an aristocratic phenomenon. The repertory of vase paintings does not change when, in 507 BCE, democracy was introduced in Athens. On the contrary, there appears to be an increase of pederastic and other homosexual representations.

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Last December, Science published a about political persuasion. Persuasion is famously difficult: study after study—not to mention much of world history—has shown that, when it comes to controversial subjects, people rarely change their minds, especially if those subjects are important to them. You may think that you’ve made a convincing argument about gun control, but your crabby uncle isn’t likely to switch sides in the debate. Beliefs are sticky, and hardly any approach, no matter how logical it may be, can change that.

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In fact, the most resistance I get is in a Britishliterature survey to the combining of spiritual and erotic love in Donne andHerbert.) If sexuality is an issue that has been discussed, then homosexualityand lesbianism become logical and unavoidable extensions of the topic.

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In this context, Socrates/Plato introduces an influential metaphor. Procreation, he says, can be earthly and spiritual, just like love. After all, love can be physical -aimed at the beautiful body of a boy- and spiritual, which he believes is on a higher level. This last type of love can be described as longing for something good and possessing it. The true erastes will prefer the beauty of the soul above that of the body. Instead of a material/earthly parenthood (the procreation of children) he prefers the spiritual type, which is the creation of virtue and knowledge. According to Socrates/Plato, the eromenos' understanding grows and in the end, he will be able to see a beauty that is above all earthly standards, compared to which even the most beautiful boy is nothing. In other words, by spiritually loving a beautiful beloved, the lover reaches an understanding of absolute beauty. Philosophy is, therefore, an erotical enterprise.

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Thisapproach will also correct that false impression that gay men and women aresex-obsessed.You may have noticed that most of my examples have been from American poetry,rather than from American prose.

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This is one of the first encounters of homosexuality on children’s television The way the gay couple casually comes and leaves, and the reaction of the main characters within the episode, is the most interesting thing about it all....