One of the most well known psychologist of all time is Sigmund Freud.

According to Freud, most of what drives humans is buried in the unconscious mind.

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Freud believed that because he could not find any physical cause for many of his patient’s symptoms, that they must be linked to unconscious psychological disturbances....


Freud’s keen intellect was apparent from an early age, and his research and study spread through his publications, lectures, and collaboration with other great minds to ensure that the psychoanalytic science he pioneered continues to see use nea...

Freud is therefore complicit in accepting sexist perceptions of women, but is not a perpetrator who attempts to entrench patriarchy by portraying women as inferior....

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I just discovered this intersting thread after looking up the Freud ‘quote’. Very interesting…..but it’s also nteresting while people recognise the psychological etc damage the catholic church did to us and others, not enough people (imo) question the validity of the teaching about ‘god’.

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Freud remains an analogous symbol with psychology, not only because of his psychological school, but also because of the controversy surrounding many of his theories.

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His work became a solid foundation for the continued study into this topic for the last century, especially in regards to the work of his daughter, Anna Freud.

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The narrator is seemingly able to understand the true cause of his trauma through the use of the paradoxical duality of attraction/repulsion and familiar/unfamiliar contained in the “Uncanny” as described by Sigmund Freud in “The Uncanny.” The narrator uses the information gai...

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Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung are two psychoanalysts who analyzed human behavior in connection to the mind and also scrutinized the connection between the subconscious mind and the alert mind....

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This leads us to the main argument of Freud - the uncanny is a reminder of our psychic past, aspects of our unconscious life or the earlier primitive stages of life.

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It is now scientifically proven that our DNA carries within it a degree of hereditary traits . It remembers as muscle remembers it’s previous form when a sportsman has trained many years then stops training and starts again from scratch . The muscle remembers it’s previous form and is rapid to find its way back to its previous stronger healthier form .
DNA we are told has a similar memory in it .
Thus previous strains on the mentality of the people who were subjected to many hundreds of years of suppression and famine and lack of freedom will be embedded in the not only psych but also In the physical DNA of the people.
This is not only with the Irish but with any suppressed battle hardened people,that have suffered emotional hardships and physical hardship
This may be seen also in many island countries that have been over run and subjected to hardships . Sicily , corse etc etc.
From this history traits and mentalities are formed . A underlying anger exists that can come out as either a fighting spirit never to give up and to endure and also unfortunately in a a underlying violence that can be tuned into when needed or as gangsters or warriors do when wanted .
Traditions go hand in hand in keeping these traits strong as in honour and as in tough sturdy behaviour that is expected of the children who I turn become strong tough grown ups and pass this DNA trait and mental strength on to their children . Faith and belief that this is the way that this is the honour will continue hand in hand with the traits that have been physically and psychologically established over centuries .
We call this culture sometimes but it is much more detailed than just culture that can change over years even decades .
As certain dogs have their traits that are different and often appearance means little as for the gutsy and fierce little jack Russell and the relatively calm and gentle St. Bernard .
It is the DNA the habits imbedded in the DNA in these dogs that are different . They live different exist differently in nature and it is this that is passed on generation after generation . Irrespective of the environment it inhabits . Thus environment plays apart yes of course but. It is not and can not be the heaviest influence on any animal or human .it can take generations of environmental change and traditional change ,schooling ,home life , home etiquette , love ,a easy and protected life etc etc to remould a human or indeed a dog .
But put it back in its basic instinct needs and the DNA will be there to try to save this animal and human . Fight , flee . Basic nature . Very much worth reading. Jack london s white fang about this .he looks at the mentality of a dog and a Wolfe and at the same time shows delves into the human who we need all to remember is a evolved animal .
Personally I believe if a line of thought , a faith as it were a belief in ourselves and our type our strengths enables us to fight our way through the difficulties of life that everyone has in some way then it is a tool that our creator gave to us . The deer we look we can understand the genius within our DNA our minds and body that enables us to survive enabled us to have survived since the beginning of time as we know it .and this is all races all creeds all culture . Remember countries are made up by governments continuously changing and being chopped up bought and sold divided and joined .
It is life experience of past and present the smaller community it’s traditions it’s ways habits beliefs that form us mentally to a point . We are all humans but we are different breeds of the same animal .