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The main cause of obesity is overeating, in the sense that a person consumes more food than the body can utilize. This aspect is commonly associated with the wealthy members of the society who are key victims of obesity. Lack of physical exercise is also a leading cause of obesity. It is anticipated that individuals who do not undertake sufficient physical activities are at a greater risk of suffering from obesity. This implies that obesity is a lifestyle disease and hence preventable. Obesity has also been described as a genetic condition and hence passed through human reproduction. Researchers have established that obesity can result from malfunction of certain genes that controls appetite and growth.

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Obesity has reached the ultimate epidemic proportions in U.S. It in fact, is an epidemic that has developed step-by-step with the industry of fast food. More than quarter of all children and half of all adults in United States are obese. Simultaneously, fast food has become easier and cheaper to buy. Evidence suggests that the link between fast food and obesity can be traced outside the United States. The culture of fast food in American life style has spread like a wildfire in the world. This phenomenon has been followed by some unwelcome and undesirable side effects; diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and different other illnesses.

Latest researches have revealed that the type of fat content found in foods like French fries and a burger at the local joint of fast food can make a person one-third fatter as compared with other fats containing similar caloric content. It has generally been theorized that eating trans-fats such as fast foods could ultimately lead to diabetes and obesity. Although, the trans-fats can provoke the pancreas to generate more insulin for the human body, this also makes body more resistant to manage and control the additional amount of this hormone that can cause havoc on blood sugar. It has also been hypothesized by some researchers that trans-fats can alter the actual working of cell membrames; as such they do not show reaction to insulin as they usually would.

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When more calories are consumed by people than they normally burn off, the extra calories such as fats are stored by their bodies. Although a slight increase in body fat is not considered a high health risk, but when people maintain a pattern of consuming more calories than they mostly burn, extra fats ultimately build up in the human body. Eventually the human body reaches a point where the amount of fat in body can have a negative impact on the health of a person. Doctors mostly use the term ‘obese’ or ‘overweight’ to narrate the condition of a person who is in fact at a high risk of developing specific weight-related health complexities.

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You might make adjustments to your thesis statement as you research and write, but this forms the basis for your paper. You might even need to spend a little additional time clarifying your statement if it is too broad.

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