-All animals are neutered or spaded, free of charge before you adopt.

Gays aren’t any different from us they do the same thing us they are just same sex couples....

I think they should just be given the same checks as straight people.

In addition, the Chief Administrative Officers (CAO) for each Parish involved have decided to from their own coalition for the same purpose. To date, 21 Parishes have been invited to participate.

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The Society remains a strong opponent of dog (and all animal) fighting, and we support law enforcement and prosecutorial activities intended to reduce this widespread inhumane practice.

The Anti-Cruelty Society opposes dog racing because of cruel training methods, the large scale breeding of unwanted dogs required to produce a winner, and because this so-called sport is an inhumane and unjustified exploitation of animals for profit. The Society supports groups that rescue dogs from a life of racing.

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To confront this problem states must realize that adoption to homosexuals is a great opportunity, not by just giving children homes, but also allowing them to experience the lifestyle that same-sex patents present.

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The Anti-Cruelty Society encourages and supports actions to minimize the problem of free-roaming abandoned and feral cats. Cook County allows the establishment of managed feral cat colonies if they are registered with a sponsor approved by Cook County Department of Animal and Rabies Control. The Society supports these legal efforts and provides traps, sterilization and vaccinations at low cost, and public education to reduce the number of cats abandoned, allowed outside unsupervised, and the number of kittens being born.

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Introduction In recent years, there has been an increase in same-sex couples applying to adopt children at both infancy and from the foster care system.

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Pets 911 is becoming an answer for not only the public, but also the pet animal welfare group community on how we in this country can all take part in saving those 5 million animals every year.

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Pet adoptions, animal shelters, help to find lost dogs and services to find lost cats - Pets 911 for all your pet adoption information - Thousands of homeless dogs, abandoned cats and other animals available for adoption....