Your Alcoholism research paper can be divided into three sections:

This disease not only affects the alcoholic, it also affects the people around the alcoholic.

Someone who is an alcoholic has a dependency on the drug alcohol.

This is where you give the arguments to support your Alcoholic research paper thesis statement. Always start with the strong points and finish off with the strongest point. You can break it down into sub topics like:

The results found that alcohol abuse last longer if the patients had longer depression durations.

A. For the alcoholic – how the alcoholics can be rehabilitated.

Not surprisingly, children who consume alcohol are invariably raised within alcoholic homes, or under the care of a parent who abuses the substance. Traditionally, European cultures encourage a careful allowance of alcohol to very young people, and this is thought by some to better equip them to drink responsibly as adults. In American society, however, alcohol is commonly seen as requiring more adult discretion, and older laws which once permitted twelve year-olds to legally drink have long been abolished. As is well know, in the United States, a young person may die in war before legally able to consume alcohol.

A. Symptoms of alcoholism – Write the signs to look out for if you suspect someone is alcoholic.

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that alcoholism is simply the over-consumption of alcohol, this statement is only somewhat true.

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An addiction to drugs is seen as being a more deadly and dangerous issue then that of alcohol because a drug addiction can happen more quickly and can kill more quickly....

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Similarly to other addictions, the kids in the house are subject to the negativity from an alcohol addiction; they can be ignored, treated poorly, they can feel ashamed or helpless, and if the parent promises to quit and then does not, they can get frustrated....

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(Johnson et 1.2 Statement of the problem.

Control over one’s emotions are impaired by the depression of one’s central nervous system, consequentially causing unusual behavior ranging from numbed feelings to magnified underlying emotions like anxiety or anger (Alcohol Alcohol).

Compulsion and craving of alcohol rules the life of the alcoholic.

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