You can summarize again in the conclusion.

Quickly introduce the information, then elaborate on each statement in your project with context.

These can be applied differently depending on the case.

Currie, The Constitution in the Supreme Court: State andCongressional Powers, 1801-35, ("Inlight of earlier statements in [Marshall's] opinion, the implication seemsunmistakable: incidental authority must not be so broadly construed as tosubvert the basic principle that Congress has limited powers.").

Sample Statemets: Do's and Don'ts Don't:Martin Luther was born in 1483.

For the entire list ofWhittington's examples, see id at 12.

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Grayson of Virginia that "Commerce and navigation are the principalsources of" the wealth of the maritime nations of Europe); id at 604(statement of Mr.

The question weather it is constitutionally legal or not has been debated for many years.

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Given the statement made by Justice Dawson it only indicated that the Aboriginal Ordinance 1918 was a form of genocide, as it had the power to separate Aboriginal children from mothers, families and communities whilst not giving children what they needed but to outbreed half casts and coloured girls in order to destroy the Aboriginal race.

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Being the student of Socrates, Plato avails him as the character who questions their opinions and dares them to think out of the box of their convictions....

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Mayor Michael Bloomberg, 2009 to 2013, implemented a policy called stop and frisk where the New York City Police Department (NYPD) has the right to question and search anybody who looks suspicious.

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While Justice Thomas has maintainedthat the original meaning of "commerce" was limited to the "tradeand exchange" of goods and transportation for this purpose, some haveargued that he is mistaken and that "commerce" originally includedany "gainful activity." Having examined every appearance of the word"commerce" in the records of the Constitutional Convention, theratification debates, and the Federalist Papers, Professor Barnett finds nosurviving example of this term being used in this broader sense.

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In aim of clarifying and refuting opposing arguments, Alexander Hamilton authored a primary source on interpreting the Constitution as he contributed to authoring the Federalist Papers.

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Indeed, when I first read Hamiltonand Adair and Crosskey, alongside Nelson and Pushaw's endorsement of theirwork, I too was persuaded that "commerce" meant any "gainfulactivity"--until I had a chance to survey the records of theConstitutional Convention and the ratification debates for myself.