E. Thesis: Topic, opinion, and evidence

A. Brief iteration of the points

2.) The print and movie versions of the same story. (The print version of the story can be a novel, graphic novel, short story, play, and so on). How does the movie adapt, revise, or alter the story, what is changed or left out, and why?

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2. Write as a way of exploring, developing, and confirming ideas in a process of communicating them

(1) that there exists, or can be developed, a 'criterion ofjudgment and system of weighting . . .' that will 'render theincommensurables . . . commensurable . . . ' in real life;

The textbooks and media teach us that we came into existence by a two step process:

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"In America there existed, until very recently, a set ofconditions which perhaps made the solution to Hardin's subsetpossible; we lived with the myth that we were 'one people,indivisible. . . .' This myth postulated that we were the great'melting pot' of the world wherein the diverse cultural ores ofEurope were poured into the crucible of the frontier experienceto produce a new alloy -- an American civilization. This newcivilization was presumably united by a common value system thatwas democratic, equalitarian, and existing under universallyenforceable rules contained in the Constitution and the Bill ofRights.

What the theory of evolution says

(3) that the administrative system, supported by the criterionof judgment and access to coercion, can and will protect thecommons from further desecration." [p. 55]

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(2) that, possessing this criterion of judgment, 'coercion canbe mutually agreed upon,' and that the application of coercion toeffect a solution to problems will be effective in modernsociety; and


"There is also an increasing recognition amongcontemporary social scientists that there is a subset ofproblems, such as population, atomic war, environmentalcorruption, and the recovery of a livable urban environment, forwhich there are no current political solutions. The thesis ofthis article is that the common area shared by these two subsetscontains most of the critical problems that threaten the veryexistence of contemporary man." [p. 53]

While these two books share a ..

"There has developed in the contemporary natural sciencesa recognition that there is a subset of problems, such aspopulation, atomic war, and environmental corruption, for whichthere are no technical solutions.