In the case of King and Prince Hamlet, this also holds true.

Inthe above example of comparing and contrasting Macbeth and Hamlet,some ideas could include:

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The king would probably have sought a different way of killing Hamlet.
The two main female characters differ in their personalities, and this determines the way they handle their present situation.

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Hamlet's father dies a suspicious death and his mother hastily remarries, he bears the trauma of a lost relationship with a girl he seems to truly love, realizes the truth about his own uncle's involvement in his father's death, and experiences all of this in the public eye....

By witnessing Fortinbras and his actions, Hamlet comes to realize that he has no inner struggle and sees the actions that he must take in order to bring inner peace to himself and avenge his father's murder....

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Gertrude’s decision to reconcile her son and Claudius leads to more resentment and bitterness on Hamlet’s part.
The female characters in the book might not have bad or evil intentions in choosing to deny the reality, especially concerning their loved ones.

Shakespeare's Hamlet is a play about a young man who seeks revenge

Because of this idea, he does not encourage his children to work hard at their studies.
Gertrude is Hamlet’s mother, and she ends up getting married to Claudius, a short time after her husband’s death.

yet narrow enough to provide a focused clear thesis statement

This technique helps to reveal Hamlet’s true character, expressing emotions that the audience cannot see through his interactions with other characters.

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Through Hamlet’s soliloquies, one may notice that his reluctance to take actions that involve death can be attributed to his fear of the unknown and his uncertainty in regards to afterlife.

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From Hamlet’s constant struggle to murder his incestuous uncle to Macbeth’s sudden ability to see ghostly blood-covered daggers, it is clear to see that Shakespeare has a method to his madness.

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In Act One, Hamlet's speech to Gertrude (Nay seems...etc) shows us the Prince talking about actions that a man "might play" and also about what is "inside" him which "passes show"....

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John Russell Brown in “Soliloquies and Other Wordplay Let the Audience Share Some of Hamlet’s Thoughts” explains that soliloquies are but one form of wordplay Hamlet uses: By any reckoning Hamlet is one of the most complex of Shakespeare’s characters, and a series of soliloquies is only one of the means which encourage the audience to enter imaginatively into his very personal and frighteni...