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This play revolves around the life of Willy Loma as he desperately chases the dream of success. The play displays the reality of things in America and the illusions that many Americans have in their lives through the American Dream. Miller demonstrates the importance of time in the process of achieving the dream in Loman’s life while on stage. There is a relationship between the present and the past in Willy’s mind reflection. The act also describes the changes in the environment especially the neighborhood of Willy. Willy was a salesman who had over 30 years worked as salesman in New England coast. Act one tells us that Willy is at home and Linda is very concerned about this. This shows how people were insecure whenever one does not have a job. Willy is also worried about making ends meet. Although he does not have a lot of burden since his son is independent and the house is nearly paid for.

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is play written by Arthur Miller. The author through this work has received many awards such as Pulitzer Prize in 1949. The play was written during the postwar era in the United States of America. It was meant to give hope and inspiration to the middle class people in the society. The play gives more emphasis on the values of material success and the philosophy of the American people. There is a reflection of anxiety and insecurity in the play which expresses the past experience of the author. Miller was a Jewish born in the New York City in 1915. Since he was a Jewish, Miller encountered a lot of challenges such as social disintegration during the 1930s Great Depression. Miller through his tough life experienced a lot of depression and gave him the drive to achieve in life. Taking on odd jobs such as truck driver and factory worker gave him an opportunity to directly interact with those who suffer the most. Miller expressed these experiences through the play which was performed in 1949.

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