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In Greek mythology, the most colorful and relatable figure was the goddess of love, Aphrodite.

Aphrodite and Hephaestus however is mostly just a parody marriage.

These two portrayals of women in Greek society depict how people recognized women’s role in society, with Aphrodite representing a woman with power as a manipulative goddess and Helen representing a woman who was merely timé, a pr...

As we are trying to understand the enigma of consciousness and how does ascend.

But in the creation myth, women were given to man as a punishment.

With his skill set in both producing and directing, Julian brings a logistical and creative focus to He produced and served as UPM on the NYU thesis film , directed by Bruce X. Li. His original shorts include , and . He also works at entertainment video agency Getty Images, and currently runs his production company of 8 years specializing in live events and editing.

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Talbott: Yes, one verifies this arrangement by showing that it is the only arrangement consistent with the full body of evidence. It really doesn't make any difference where the evidence comes from if it evidence. But this is probably the hardest thing for conventional theorists to come to grips with. Pictographic evidence, written testimony, and the global ritual practices commemorating a lost epoch are not subordinate to the physical sciences when it comes to reconstructing the past. Why should we spend time worrying that hundreds of diverse and ancient themes would speak with one accord for something that never happened? That is not only highly implausible, but impossible. More impossible than objects falling up rather than down. The only question is: do the recurring themes speak with unanimity? If it can be shown beyond any reasonable doubt that they do, then it's time for conventional theorists to begin questioning their age-old assumptions about the past. And if conventional theorists will only do that, they might also help us discover planets could have interacted dynamically to produce the vivid celestial drama remembered around the world.

However, the debate to decriminalize marijuana for medicinal purposes is the most profound....

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Homer's style of writing in Iliad enables a modern reader to perceive how the Ancient Greeks thought of warfare, of religion, and of the role of women and children....

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How strange to think that the ancient sky-worshippers would see such an extraordinary and improbable image in our Sun! And how that the inertia of prior belief has prevented any discerning analysis of the image by modern scholars, or any recognition of the ways in which the image, taken in its literal details, will illuminate the recurring attributes of the great gods and goddesses -- not just in Assyria and Babylonia, but in every corner of the world.

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A being of supernatural powers, believed in and worshiped by a people."(360) I believe the first definition reflects Modern America's connotation of the word god.

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Then there is the issue of planetary colors. The illustrations show Mars as red because that is the color it . I've not found much to suggest that Mars possessed this attribute in the earliest phase. It's in connection with specific events that a deep rusty red comes to dominate. I've presumed, tentatively, that this reddening was related directly to the removal of atmosphere and oceans from Mars early on -- an occurrence for which the evidence seems decisive. The original color was something like a light blue or blue-gray, I would suggest, though illumination by the Sun seems to have generated associations with a golden hue as well, gold being a universal glyph for "brilliance."

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King effectively utilizes numerous linguistic devices, such as metaphors, anaphoras, allusions, and provides an abundance of specific examples in his address and this all makes the speech more convincing and me...