Write in brackets. End with a comma (outside the brackets).

Write out the group's name in full (don't abbreviate). End with a full stop.

Write it the same as you would for a normal in-text citation.

A brand is built through controlling customer expectations and the social interactions between customers. Building a brand is what allows businesses to move away from commodity based pricing and move toward higher margin value based pricing. Search engines may look at signals like repeat website visits & visits to a site based on keywords associated with a known and use them for relevancy signals in algorithms like .

There are two main ways to write titles and be SEO friendly

Some search engines provide links to cached versions of pages in their search results, and allow you to strip some of the formatting from cached copies of pages.

An additional set of networks from the has been provided by Rolf (TUBerlin) Andreas Schulz (MIT), and Nicolas -Moses(Columbia University) with the assistance of Stefan (DaimlerChrysler). These networks were used, among other things, in the paperby O. , R.H. ,A.S. Schulz, and N. -Moses titled "System-OptimalRouting of Traffic Flows with User Constraints in Networks withCongestion" (Operations Research, 53:4, 600-616, 2005). The originalformat of these files is slightly different from the other networks, and it isdescribed in the readme file included in the packet.

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Search engines aim to be relevant to users, but they also need to be profitable. Since search engines sell commercial ads some of the largest search engines may bias their toward informational (ie: non-commercial) websites. Some search engines are also biased toward information which has been published online for a great deal of time and is heavily cited.

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For example, if a search engine understands a phrase to be related to another word or phrase it may return results relevant to that other word or phrase even if the words you searched for are not directly associated with a result. In addition, some search engines will place various types of results at the top of the search results based on implied query related intent or prior search patterns by you or other searchers.

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; ; ;(898 zones; 14,639 nodes; 33,937 links). This model of the Birmingham CityRegion in England is a modified version of the Prism model, described at Access tothe dataset has been kindly provided with the assistance of Tom van Vuren (MottMacDonald) and Klaus (PTV). Data formatconversion and file preparation was performed by Jun Xie and Yu (Marco) Nie.

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Search engines constantly tweak their algorithms to try to balance relevancy algorithms based on topical authority and overall authority across the entire web. Sites may be considered topical authorities or general authorities. For example, and are considered broad general authority sites. This site is a topical authority on SEO, but not a broad general authority.

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Since searches which are longer in nature tend to be more targeted in nature it is important to try to get most or all of a site indexed such that the deeper pages have the ability to rank for relevant long tail keywords. A large site needs adequate to get deeply indexed. Another thing which may prevent a site from being fully indexed is issues.