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The format of all theses must be reviewed and approved by the Graduate School before the theses will be accepted as satisfying the thesis requirement of the Master's degree. Students must submit theses to the Graduate School as an electronic file using the electronic thesis and dissertation submission process for format checks.

Because they address well-bounded topics, they can be very tight,but they do require more planning on the front end.

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Degree requirements and academic performance standards given in this section are the minimum required by Graduate School and University policy. Satisfying these general requirements and standards, however, does not imply that all degree and program requirements have been met. Many programs set special course requirements and may require higher grade-point averages or other academic standards than those given in this section. Such program requirements and standards are included in individual program descriptions in this catalog and in departmental and college program manuals or policy statements. These special requirements shall not be considered in conflict with this catalog and shall have the same force as this catalog.

Do All Mba Programs Require A Thesis

The Final Master's Examination Report must be filed in the Graduate School no later than three weeks before the date on which the candidate expects the degree to be conferred. Thesis degree plan candidates must submit an electronic copy of the unconditionally passed thesis that has been approved for final submission by the Graduate School following the procedures for electronic submission. Candidates will be billed for the required fees as explained in the Tuition and Fees section of this catalog. Details of the submission process and all forms can be found in the section of the Graduate School website.

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Students will be admitted to candidacy for the master's degree only when degree requirements have been met. Students must submit an Application for Graduation to the Graduate School by the deadline listed in the Academic Calendar in the semester they wish to graduate. The is available online through the . See the for specific deadline dates.

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The Graduate School offers all master's students the opportunity to attend Thesis and Dissertation Seminars each semester. These seminars provide attendees with detailed explanations of the style guides and hands-on experience with the template that will help students organize their theses in accordance to formatting requirements. In addition, thesis submission procedures and some graduation procedures and requirements are reviewed in these seminars. Reservations are recommended and can be made online through the Graduate School website.

Is a thesis required for MBA major

The non-thesis degree plan requires a minimum of 36 semester hours of coursework, of which at least 24 must be in the major area(s) of study.

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The thesis substitute degree plan requires a minimum of 33 semester hours, of which at least 27 must be in coursework and 3 in an appropriate project or research course. The thesis substitute may include: 1) internship reports in programs in which the internship has been determined by the Dean of Graduate Studies to be an essential component; 2) reports prepared in certain graduate seminar, conference or research courses; or 3) a design thesis in Architecture. The internship substitute requires a minimum of six semester hours in the internship course.

, but they do require more planning on the front end.

Thesis students have the option to submit a portion of the thesis to the Thesis and Dissertation Specialist in the Graduate School for a preliminary format check. The preliminary format check is not a requirement for graduation and is provided as a service for students who have questions regarding formatting. Students can generally expect feedback regarding the preliminary check within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays). However, students should be aware that completed theses submitted for mechanical check will be given priority over preliminary check submissions.