google for a jquery image rotator code, ..

here is the code:========The script works, and the background images rotate.

html - HTML5 Canvas Rotate Image - Stack Overflow

This intelligence by removing redundant data from face images through image compression using Sobel Edge Detection (SED) and comparing this with the two-dimensional discrete cosine transform (2D-DCT) method for the better speed and efficiency.

These indexes can be used to prediction of classes of Remote Sensing (RS) images.

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This work performs comparative study for three representative works of shadow detection methods each one selected from different category: the first one based on to derive a 1-d illumination invariant shadow-free image, the second one based on a hypothesis test to detect shadows from the images and then energy function concept is used to remove the shadow from the image.

The Median filter is an effective method for the removal of impulse-based noise from the images.

In this paper, we use the transformation of the gradient field for edge suppression which will result into the removal of the shadow from an image.

Key words: Cross -Projection tensors, Energy Function, Gradient field transformation, illuminant in- variance, Shadow Removal.

[1] G.D.

I have found a useful javascript code (i don't know who the author is) which rotates different background images neatly after x milliseconds.