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The example used is the case of providing videotelemetry from a lunar rover to an Earth station.

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What a successful thesis proposal demonstrates isthat, regardless of the eventual idea you pursue, you know the steps involvedin turning it into a thesis.

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(1) It is striking that neither Oliphint nor Shannon offers much discussion of Oliphint's central thesis and arguably his most innovative proposal, that God relates himself to the world by taking on "covenantal properties" in addition to his essence.(2) Shannon's article in particular contends that Oliphint advances the Reformed commitment to Scripture by rejecting presumably corrupt elements of the classical Reformed doctrine of God.

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His program of reading theology proper through the lens of Christology is fairly straightforward: "Because the person of Christ is the quintessential example of God's remaining who he is essentially, even in his interaction with creation, we would do well to think carefully about how our understanding of Christ's person helps us to see what is taking place throughout covenant history as God relates to his human creatures" (, 182).

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He further adds, "If we with Christology, rather than with some abstract concept of antinomy, paradox, or mystery, we can start to see that all explanations of God's relationship to creation can be understood properly only within the context of God's relationship to creation as expressed in the incarnation" (, 226).

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From the activities and memberships listed in your CCV, choose up to three that you judge to be the most significant and relevant to your proposal and your professional intent. Describe their significance in terms of demonstrating your leadership and sphere of influence at the institutional level and beyond. Discuss the impact and importance of these activities in terms of your career aspirations.

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Therefore, when evaluating athesis proposal, we are not trying to assure ourselves that you have clearlydescribed a sure-fire research project with 0% risk of failure.

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Just as the Son assumes the contingent properties of the human nature while remaining essentially the same as divine, so God as creator and sovereign has become contingently what he was not eternally, while remaining unchanged in his divine essence.

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Identify any administrative responsibilities, family or health reasons, or any other factors that might have delayed or interrupted any of the following: academic and/or career advancement, scientific research, other research, dissemination of results, training, etc. Common examples of an interruption/delay might be a bereavement period following the death of a loved one, maternity/parental leave, or relocation of your research environment. Health professionals can include any post-degree training that is not research-focused (e.g., clinical training, residency, etc.) in this section.