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However, it is the part of the cost under the control of the construction project manager.

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However, spatial, managerial and technical factors will typically place a minimum limit on the project duration or cause costs to escalate with shorter durations.

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ft., the estimated cost (in 1968 dollars) is:

y = ($399)(15,000)0.60 = $128,000.
If the design technology for a facility has been specified, the project can be decomposed into elements at various levels of detail for the purpose of cost estimation.

If the construction procedure of a proposed project is used as the basis of a cost estimate, the project may be decomposed into items such as labor, material and equipment needed to perform various tasks in the projects.

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As per the title of the journal, it calls for papers on any business or management topic that challenges the traditional wisdom of the readers.

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Use one or more Information Technology projects with which you are familiar (either case studies or from personal experience), to illustrate your answer.
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Consequently, cost estimation often represents an exercise in professional judgment instead of merely compiling a bill of quantities and collecting cost data to reach a total estimate mechanically. Cost estimating is one of the most important steps in project management.

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If F is the total field supervision cost and Fi is the proration of that cost to task i, then a typical proportional allocation is: Similarly, let z be the total direct field cost which includes the total basic cost and the field supervision cost of the project, and zi be the direct field cost for task i.