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This area includes resources on analyzing and producing visual rhetoric, working with colors, and designing effective slide presentations.These resources will help students and teachers better understand the use of visual elements for rhetorical purposes. This resource covers how to write a rhetorical analysis essay of primarily visual texts with a focus on demonstrating the author’s understanding of the rhetorical situation and design principles. This handout addresses how to make appropriate font choices to add additional meaning and emphasis to print documents and web pages This presentation is designed to introduce your students to color theory, which will help them make color choices that are more than appeals to aesthetics.

Searching for missing informationThe final scrutiny-based approach we describe works in reverse from typicaltheme identification techniques.

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Themes get identified by physically sorting theexamples into piles of similar meaning.The concept of is an abstract and oftenincomprehensible term used by social scientists, literary critics and writers inthe popular press.

In themediscovery, we assume that more is always better.There is no magic formula to answer this question.

These techniques are based on: (1) an analysis of words (word repetitions,key-indigenous terms, and key-words-in contexts); (2) a careful reading oflarger blocks of texts (compare and contrast, social science queries, andsearching for missing information); (3) an intentional analysis of linguisticfeatures (metaphors, transitions, connectors); and (4) the physicalmanipulation of texts (unmarked texts, pawing, and cut and sort procedures).The list is by no means exhaustive.

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This can be done with tag and search software, butwe find that nothing beats the ability to manually sort and group the cards.There are many variations on this pile-sorting technique.

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The essay addresses the transformation of Behn into a feminist icon by later writers, especially Bloomsbury Group member Virginia Woolf in her novella/essay .

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Scaling of theintracultural similarity data identified four different dimensions: (1) highversus low cooperation, (2) high versus low confrontation, (3) problem_solvingversus accepting, and (4) resolved versus ongoing.The work of Jehn and Doucet is impressive because the analysis of the datafrom these tasks produced different sets of themes.

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They could have also used the techniques of grounded theory orschema analysis to discover even more themes.The choice of techniques depends minimally on the kind and amount of text,the experience of the researcher, and the goals of the project.

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It is worth reading the Chapter 1 introduction to the thesis to get an idea of what they do.This second major version of this template was made by .

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