Stage 4- Writing the Research Paper*

Stage 5- Sharing the Research Outcomes with Others

Stage 6- Revising the Research Paper

For students, reading high-quality dissertations is a good way to learn an areaand to see what a comprehensive treatment of a problem looks like. Noah A. Smith once ran a in which the students read 8 dissertations together. Eachstudent was also required to select and summarize yet anotherdissertation and write a novel research proposal based on it.

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There are several forms that must be filled out and submitted by the appropriate deadlines in order for the student who has fulfilled the above requirements to receive a Master's degree. (The approximate deadlines are listed in section .) It is the student's responsibility that all this paperwork be done on time. Information and forms can be obtained from the graduate secretary.

10. With the ready availability of photocopy machines you should beable to bypass many of the hardships that previous dissertation researchershad to deal with in developing their literature review. When you read somethingthat is important to your study, photocopy the relevant articleor section. Keep your photocopies organized according to categories andsections. And, most importantly, photocopy the bibliographic citation sothat you can easily reference the material in your bibliography. Then, whenyou decide to sit down and actually write the literature review, bring out yourphotocopied sections, put them into logical and sequential order, and thenbegin your writing.

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You should set clear goals here. Just like a paper or a talk, yourdissertation needs a point: it should tell a story. Writing theabstract and chapter 1 at the start will help you work out what thatstory is.

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In short, be as considerate as you can to beginners withoutinterrupting the flow of your main argument to your establishedcolleagues. A good rule of thumb is to write at the level of the mostaccessible papers in the journals or conference proceedings that youread.

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A newspaper, like a dissertation, is a hefty chunk of reading. Soit puts the most important news on page one, and leads each articlewith the most important part. You should try to do the same when reasonable.

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Students may also take courses of special interest to them at Princeton University (Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Philosophy), in accordance with a cooperative arrangement between Rutgers and Princeton (see section ).

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12. Focus your research very specifically. Don't try to haveyour research cover too broad an area. Now you may think that this willdistort what you want to do. This may be the case, but you will be ableto do the project if it is narrowly defined. Usually a broadly definedproject is not do-able. By defining too broadly it may sound better toyou, but there is a great chance that it will be unmanageable as a researchproject. When you complete your research project it is important that youhave something specific and definitive to say. This can be accommodatedand enhanced by narrowly defining your project. Otherwise you may haveonly broadly based things to say about large areas that really providelittle guidance to others that may follow you. Often the researcher findsthat what he/she originally thought to be a good research project turnsout to really be a of research projects. Do one project for yourdissertation and save the other projects for later in your career. Don'ttry to solve all of the problems in this one research project.