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Options to mitigate drought include altering structural or functional components of vegetation, minimizing drought-mediated disturbance such as wildfire or insect outbreaks, and managing for reliable flow of water."p.1 "The assessment is a collaborative effort authored by 77 scientists from the Forest Service and other Federal agencies, research institutions, and various universities across the United States.

There is a Cofunds investment minimum of £500 per existing fund, or £1,000 if opening a new fund.

It seems clear that maintaining optimal growth and productivity of P.

Tree populations in western North America [already] lag behind their optimal climate niche by approximately 130 km in latitude or 60 m in elevation (p.

This represents an active management option that aims to provide healthy tree ecosystems in the future.

Assisted migration undoubtedly disrupts established understandings of natural resource management and long-held views in conservation biology, therefore it must be implemented in a framework that assesses species and population vulnerability to climate change, sets priorities, selects options and management targets, emphasizes long-term monitoring, and adjusts as needed.

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EDITOR'S SUMMARY: As of 2016, this is the best (and most up-to-date) review article of assisted migration as a tool for helping tree populations and species pace climate change, from both a commercial forestry and a conservation perspective:
"We address the following questions: In order to accommodate climate change, what forest management options do we have?

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We aim to provide foresters with a framework of basic knowledge regarding the magnitude and speed of climate change and its current and potential effects on forest resources, as well as suggesting some options for active management aimed at maintaining healthy tree ecosystems in the future...

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"Although there are numerous caveats associated with assisted migration, it may represent the only option to prevent extinctions of species that cannot adapt to rapid climate change. Massive extinction events have occurred as a result of global climate change in the past, but these were not driven by human activities (Raup 1992).

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As a management option, we suggest assisted migration, which is the realignment of natural populations to the climate for which they are adapted, through reforestation in sites where their suitable climate is predicted to occur in the future.

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In contrast, resource managers responsible for endangered species and restoration of botanically targeted conservation lands are far more cautious about adopting (even considering) assisted migration as a management tool.

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Other, even pre-historic reference points, andspecies-specific habitat suitability assessments should beconsidered.
"Single-species conservation actions in the core of historicrange will remain the backbone of many conservationefforts, but increasingly we need to adopt an ecosystemfocus and consider the translocation of suites of speciesto restore key ecological functions.