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This resource guide serves as gateway to various (bibliographic and full text) resources on Electronic Theses & Dissertations. Resources listed here include those that are accessible through our library and also on the web. It enable you to access from one point a large number of institutional, national and international resources on theses and dissertations submitted to various universities. This guide by no means is a comprehensive list, but serves as a useful starting point. We strive to add newer resources and keep the entire range of resource lists updated from time to time.

We request your active participation in making this resource guide as most useful starting point for scholarly resources in the area of theses and dissertations and request for your comments and suggestions.

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ERA is a digital repository of original research produced at The University of Edinburgh. The archive contains documents written by, or affiliated with, academic authors, or units, based at Edinburgh that have sufficient quality to be collected and preserved by the Library, but which are not controlled by commercial publishers. Holdings include full-text digital doctoral theses, masters dissertations, project reports, briefing papers and out-of-print materials.

a. If you are given the opportunity to select your dissertation committeedo it wisely. Don't only focus on content experts. Make sure you have selectedfaculty for your committee who are supportive of you and are willingto assist you in successfully completing your research. You want a committeethat you can ask for help and know that they will provide it for you. Don'tforget, you can always access content experts who are not on your committeeat any time during your research project.