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Courses taken elsewhere must be taken for a regular letter grade (not pass/no credit or pass/fail) in order to be granted transfer credit. As a matter of college policy, Dietrich College students must earn a final grade of at least "C" in order for the credit to transfer. A “C-” grade is not transferable when its equivalency is below a 2.00 on a 4.00 scale, or 70%. In cases when courses proposed for transfer credit are to apply to requirements in a Dietrich major or minor program, the program's department may set a higher minimum final grade in order for credit to transfer. Only units, not grades, transfer for courses taken elsewhere, and thus do not affect a student's Carnegie Mellon QPA. Courses offered elsewhere only on a "pass/fail" basis are not eligible for CMU transfer credit. Students should consult their primary advisor before taking courses at another institution for which they want to receive transfer credit.

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The IPhOD database can be downloaded in its entirety (text files) from the . These files can be opened using most available spreadsheet programs, or custom PERL scripts. A second option is to , by entering value ranges or word lists to obtain results. Finally, there is an that produces phonotactic and density values for lists of phonemic transcriptions that are entered by the user. An advantage of the latter two approaches is that you can specify which output fields to include in results, and leave out columns that are not of interest. The online calculator is helpful for generating values for words or pseudowords that are not included in the IPhOD database, and also can list the phonological neighbors of each input transcription.

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Gordon. . Tech reportCMU-CALD-05-112.  (45 pages, PDF; or try .) This is the tech report version of my paper onLagrangian Hedging algorithms, which are for online learning inproblems with structured hypothesis and/or output spaces. Thisfile replaces an earlier draft which had been available on thiswebsite.

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