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The approach taken by Shakespeare in Hamlet has generated countless different interpretations of meaning, but it is through Hamlet's struggle to confront his internal dilemma, deciding when to revenge his fathers death, that the reader becomes aware of one of the more common interpretations in Hamlet; the idea that Shakespeare is attempting to comment on the influence that one's state of min...

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Of course, this doesn't make castrating boys right, and we are more enlightened.)The captain says he will accompany Viola, but we don't see him again,and hear about at the end that he's safe, having somehow been arrested by Malvolio.

The study of gender roles in Shakespeare's plays provides an excellent vehicle for that discussion.

Bacon was indeed a learned man, whose expression found markedly different outlets than drama. He seemed to have little enough time to concentrate on his acknowledged writing while in public office, publishing voluminously once he was free of official responsibilities. It is hard to imagine that the work of Shakespeare, both in prolificacy and in quality, could have been produced in what amounted to Bacon's "spare time." And the writing that we know of Bacon shows such stylistic difference from that of the works, sonnets, and poetry, that it all but rules out Bacon as a candidate on that basis alone. Bacon has traditionally been proposed only because his proponents say he was the only (or one of the few) men capable of such expression; I have yet to see an adequate expression of why Bacon would have chosen to write the works, how he could have actually done so, and what profit Bacon may have seen in it.

She will even stay veiled, so that no one can see her facethroughout the seven years.

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(Earlier, "I can't not love you" would have meant "I cannot love youand I will not love you", instead of "I am unable to fall out-of-love with you.")Orsino tips the jester one coin; the jester asks for two, saying he wants"double-dealing" (a joke, "double-dealing" means treachery).

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Or are you faking?"("Twelfth Night" was written about the same time as "Hamlet".)The jester goes out to get the paper and ink that Malvolio hasrequested, singing a song.

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Thus he denies Malvolio's identity,and then his senses (he insists the house is light), and thenhis spirituality (Malvolio "thinks nobly of the soul", but the pastorwill not minister to him until he believes that people reincarnateas animals.) The jester then uses his own voice and pretends to bepresent with the pastor, singing comical songs that touch onMalvolio's plight.