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Some countries have already legalized prostitution, and it has benefited them in many ways.
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Criminalizing prostitution, it could be argued, goes against the Declaration of Independence.(clarify this) The government could protect and regulate taxes and retirement if prostitution was legalized....

Our experiencehas shown that poverty cannot be used as the only justification for prostitution.
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Let’s forget the “happy hooker” fantasies. Most women are forced into prostitution by coercion or economic need. The job often amounts to bought rape. Prostitution is by definition degrading to women. It reduces them to merchandise to be bought, sold and abused. Since the overwhelming majority of prostitutes are women, legalizing it would reinforce their oppression by male-dominated societies and present a clear affront to the concept of gender equality. Removing the legal barriers will send a message to new generations of men that women are mere sexual commodities.

Maybe that's why the song was a demo that NOBODY ever should have heard in the first place!
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Gillian Abel, an associate professor and head of the Department of Population Health at the University of Otago in Christchurch, New Zealand, argues in this piece that prostitution should be legal:

Besides the fact that why should those people who paid $13 be forced to account for (thus, pay for) “giveaways” for someone else?
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- (2009): In his short video “,” [] Tom Bannigan interviews two male prostitutes and Tong Ge from the Beijing Gender Health Education Institute in an exploration of the male sex industry in China, From Current TV.

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In 1946, "Charles Butterworth . . . (a) few months after . . . " the death of his " . . . buddy, humorist Robert Benchley . . . went out and killed himself in his car on June 14, 1946." That same year, art director Wilfred Buckland whose work appeared in the 1922 version of , shot his son " . . . in the head with a .32 caliber Mauser automatic, then shot himself. He left a suicide note . . . " (July 18, 1946). As Kenneth Anger reports, "[i]n Europe, a figure like Buckland would have been loaded with honors for his contribution to the art of the film. In Hollywood, in his later years, he was neglected and jobless." Also, in 1946, film comedian W.C. Fields, once described as a " . . . prodigious drinker . . . " died of cirrhosis of the liver. Once again, the important question does not relate to whether his drinking contributed to the failure of his liver, but why did he drink and what role did his treatment by the film industry play in that behavioral pattern.

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Thus far, in this book on Hollywood, we have been able to determine that Hollywood is (and has been for the nearly 90 years of its existence) controlled by a narrowly defined interest group (see "Who Really Controls Hollywood") and that such a phenomenon significantly affects the kinds of movies chosen to be produced and released, the people who get to work on those movies and the actual content of such films (see "Patterns of Bias: Movies Mirror Their Makers", "More Bias in Motion Picture Biographies" and "Favored Themes and Motion Picture Propaganda"). The following discussion explores the motivation of the Hollywood control group, and some of the likely reasons why movies and control of the U.S. film industry are important to them, but also should be important to us all.

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" - HIV/AIDS in the Czech Republic ():"Male prostitutes are most often young (17 years old on average). The triggering factors leading to prostitution are likely to befinancial difficulties and rejection from one’s family. Prostitution can appear as an easy short-term solution for a young manseeking to emancipate himself – but many find it hard to stop. While the vast majority are Czech citizens, the number of foreigners(Slovaks, Ukrainians and Hungarians) is increasing constantly and manyoriginate from the Roma community." - (2007).