Management of PET Plastic Bottles Waste Through Recycling In

 One reason is that recycling can help save the earth from waste and trash build-up.

Zero Waste is a new way of looking at

The recycled water is used for a myriad of things from irrigating food crops, parks, schools, golf courses, park landscaping, industrial processes, and even for paper manufacturing....

If you throw them away, it?s a waste of natural resources, a waste of energy, and a waste of money.

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As I begin to become more aware of the reasons to recycle, I find myself taking the time to stop and think before I choose the garbage can or recycling bin.

We can recycle and aluminum can and put it back on the shelf for something useful.

Recycling is the process of passing used substance(s) through a series of changes of treatments to recover the material or part of it for reuse (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). The aim of recycling is to conserve raw material, diminish consumption of energy and lessen the effects of disposal of these substances on the environment. Recycling helps lower the amount of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide emitted during virgin production. Recycling is a practice that has existed throughout history and modern advances in technology make the need to recycle even greater. Recycling is not a luxury but a requirement for all.

Sorting with the aim of recycling is also carried out locally for numerous types of waste.

Recycling is most definitely not a waste of time.

Tea Bags: I recently bought green tea at my local grocery store and when I opened the box, each tea bag was individually wrapped inside the box! What a waste! Aaron Mickelson came up with a design that ditched the box. Instead, the tea bags would be covered with wax paper and attached with perforations to tear off as you need.

In fact, the word itself means the opposite of waste....

Plantable Packaging : Margao, a spice company challenged their customers to come up with a zero waste packaging solution. One participant came up with replacing a plastic container with a seed paper package. After you are done with the spice, you can plant the paper and the seeds will grow!

Where did the electronic waste go.

Michelle Young Urban Planning Thesis Final - Academic Commons 1 May 2012 thesis does not address so much the necessity of e-waste recycling, which has Christine Datz-Romero, Lower East Side Ecology Center.

5 Jun 2012 Title: Plastic Recycling Plant, Dompoase [Kumasi].

Edible Packaging: Fast food companies can be one of the most wasteful businesses out there. Every bit of food is either wrapped in plastic or sitting in cardboard or even both! Here’s a zero waste solution. A Brazilian burger chain, Bob’s, has replaced their plastic wrappers with edible, grape skins. The product is called “WikiCells” and its perfectly edible and biodegradable.

There is a lot of garbage, plastic waste, and electronic waste.

Recycling has existed since the times of Plato in the absence of new material. Before the advent of the industrial age in Europe, there exists evidence that metals were collected and recycled for their interminable use (Black Dog 34). The main driver for this was that recycled materials were cost-effective. This continued to industrial times since the cost of recycled metal was lower compared to that acquired from their respective ores. This extended to consumer products such as Schweppes beverage bottles from as early as 1800. Shortages during wartime greatly necessitated recycling, and respective governments called for increased efforts to recycle brought about by shortages experienced, and by the need to channel resources to aid the war effort.