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By Alex Parish, Jane Heath, and Meryem Hassan for the National Center for Volunteering, UK.

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REVIEW OF RESEARCH AND EVALUATION LITERATURE39 When volunteers do provide instruction, they are not the onlypeople who are teaching the children. The teacher or teachers of theschool are simultaneously involved in instruction. Methodologically,there is a major problem: How is it possible to single out the uniquecontribution that volunteers make to children's test scores? Thisquestion is particularly difficult since volunteers do not work with arandom sample of students, but usually with students most in needof extra help. Despite these limitations, the committee concluded that informationfrom evaluations, when properly conducted, is likely to result in signifi-cant improvements in the use of volunteers in education. The committeetherefore urges and supports evaluation, under the following conditions: 1. Student gains on achievement tests are not the only, or necessarilythe best, outcome measure to use. Since volunteer programs encompass abroad range of goals, evaluation should consider the outcomes relevant toeach program in its own setting.2. Multiple measures of outcomes should be used. 3. Evaluations should look not only at outcomes but also at the processof the program under study. That is, evaluation should study the specificactivities that volunteers undertake, the frequency with which they areperformed, and the conditions under which they occur. Most importantof all, the process (activities) by which the program is implemented shouldbe related to the outcomes achieved. In that way, evaluation begins tospecify the concrete kinds of activities that are more, or less, successful inachieving different kinds of outcomes. Then, evaluations can do morethan render judgment on a program: they can show which kinds of ac-tivities are more effective in achieving specific ends, and they can pointthe way to improvement in program design and implementation. 4. Qualititative methods for collection and analysis of evaluation datacan be just as useful as quantitative methods. The choice of evaluationdata and methods depends on the specific intent and focus of a particularstudy. There is now sufficient evidence that volunteers have positiveeffects on students: what is needed is more sophisticated information onhow volunteers affect students and how to optimize the positive effects. In light of the difficulties of designing and conducting adequate evalu-ation, and its cost, the committee believes that federal and state govern-ments and private foundations should support studies that will provideguidelines to program administrators and educators on appropriate meansof evaluating the effects of volunteers in schools.

Various reports and studies on volunteering in the US, especially on youth service and AmeriCorps.

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Chartered by the U.S. Congress in 1953, NCoC tracks, measures and promotes civic participation and engagement in partnership with other organizations, focusing on ways to enhance history and civics education, encourage national and community service, and promote greater participation in the political process. Site offers many reports relevant to volunteerism, including the annual Civic Health Index that measures a wide variety of civic indicators.

Included in this study of volunteers in public schools are the reports of the committee's site visits to 13 volunteer programs identified as "exemplary" from Boston Partners in Education to "Project Rescue" for dropout prevention in Corsicana, Texas. Each site report describes local economic conditions and their effects on education, the organization and size of the school system, and the volunteer program--with details on how each program functions and what results have been achieved.

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Yet, we must do more to ensure the success of volunteer programs in schools. It is not enough to assume that any volunteer effort will produce results, nor is it wise to use volunteers simply because they are "free."

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This list has been compiled to help researchers regarding volunteerism, as well as for policy makers and volunteerism advocates who want to avoid these kinds of controversies at nonprofit organizations and government agencies. This list is also compiled to refute those who believe that there are no such controversies (believe it or not, those people DO exist).

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Among the most prominent of President Bush's "thousand points of light" are volunteers who work with our nation's students. The last several decades show considerable growth in the numbers of school volunteers, with increasing participation by people from the business community, retired citizens, and college students, in addition to the traditionally active mothers of school children.

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Seton Hall University maintains this site of educational opportunities in the US for nonprofit management, including courses in volunteer management.