The achieve a compression gain of 7.1% over BZIP.

 (2010) Video on demand as an interactive service in IPTV system. EngD thesis.

She is the director of the data compression laboratory.

The average compression gain is in the range of 3 to 5 percent for the text files of the Calgary Corpus and between 2 to 9 percent for the text files of the large Canterbury Corpus.

To get better compression ratios pixels are predicted based on other pixels.

Dobb's Journal and author of the book "The Data Compression Book".

We cannot notice small changes in the frames like a slight difference of color so video compression standards do not encode all the details in the video, some of the details are lost.

Because of this, I-frames have the worst compression ratio of the three other frames.

At a high level, MPEG video sequences consist of several different layers that provide the ability to randomly access a video sequence as well as provide a barrier against corrupted information.

Multiple video formats can be used in MPEG-2 coding to support these diverse applications.

Video Compression: MPEG-4 and Beyond

PPMd is an open-source data compression algorithm that can compress most text-based data more effectively than either the traditional deflate or bzip2 methods, but which is quite often slower than either.

Efficient image and video compression algorithms for …

bzip2 is an open-source data compression algorithm that compresses most files more effectively than the traditional deflate methods, but it can be somewhat slower.

Efficient image and video compression algorithms for low bit ..

Television is the most prevalent media and know since 1930. It had many changes over the years, from the image quality to many diffrent data transfer technologies. With the coming of IPTV, the development in the field of interactive services began and one of the first was the video on demand (VOD). The overview and the development of such interactive service is presented in this thesis. In the introduction I described the neccesary components for the functioning of IPTV, standards and compresion mechanisms. I also checked the architecture and protocols for data transfer over the network. The central part is aimed at presenting a more detailed review of VOD service. I also analyzed the necessary steps for building VOD interactive service. I also build the missing parts of the software and impelement it into the existing one. In the conclusion I analyzed the the finished work, the encountered problems and the future implementations of VOD interactive service.

I am trying to work with H.264 video compression ..

The Jpeg compression method is designed to compress JPEG images. JPEG images are inherently hard to compress because their format already incorporates a simple but effective compression scheme. At a high-level, Jpeg compression works by first undoing the lossless compression (entropy encoding) within JPEG images and then recompressing them with a better algorithm. When the image is uncompressed, the reverse happens—the Jpeg compression algorithm is undone and the original JPEG entropy encoding is reapplied.

you may refer to my thesis on Image compression http ..

WAVPACK is an open-source compression method that is especially designed for lossless compression of .WAV (audio) files. For these files it will generally produce better compression than other compression methods supported by WinZip.