problems of british-american press headlines translation

The third part of the thesis includes the translation of the dissertation, i.e.

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TR 526 Literary Criticism and Translation Theories (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7
(Edebiyat Eleştirisi ve Çeviri Kuramları)

Survey of the interaction of literary criticism and translation theories over the last two centuries. Analysis from diachronic and synchronic perspectives.

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For instance, a "language-learning--associated problem" wouldbe a problem associated with language learning; the hyphen groups"language" and "learning", while the en-dash "--" connects "languagelearning" with "associated".

TR 529 Stylistics (3+0+0) 3 ECTS 7

Study of distinctive features in literary expression and creative writing. Focus on various genres, with emphasis on Turkish and Western works, keeping in perspective the role of style in the translation process. Term paper.

Translation of Newspapers. Problems of British …

The Skopos theory posits that translation is produced for particular recipients with specific purpose(s) in a given situation. The maturing of the Skopos theory results in the dethroning of the source text and the de-mystification of "equivalence," foregrounding the significance and implication of "purpose" that contributes to the translation as a sort of social construction


This paper has been encouraged by the publication of Maite Aragonés Lumeras: Meaning: The Philosopher's Stone of the Alchemist Translator? (Translation Journal, Volume 12, No. 3 July 2008). She seems to be brave enough to raise the issue of the definition of meaning in a context where even theoretical and applied linguists fail to provide a decent definition of the term. For instance, a prominent professor of Linguistics in Hungary has only this to say: „meaning (sense) is a relational term..."

Translation Problems On Russian Proverbs

Much ink has flown on discussing the term equivalence in translation. Nida (1964), Newmark (1981), Jacobson (1959-2000) and Bayar (2007) have written extensively on the nature, types, and degrees of equivalence in translation, whereas its opponents like Broek (1978), Mehrach (1997) and Leuven Zwart (1990) considered it an impossible point for the translator to reach and a hindering matter in the development of translation theory. The aim of this discussion is to shed light on writings which have dealt with equivalence in translation...

Doctoral Thesis In Translation Studies

Lefevere (1992a: xi) describes translation "a rewriting of an original text." This paper will reevaluate Lefevere's concept of translation through examining my chosen texts. In order to demonstrate how the translator of the example text transports the source text messages in the target language, some excerpts will be analyzed using a Systemic Functional Linguistics (systemic linguistics) approach which provides "a semantic account of the grammatical structures of the language" (White, 2001: 3)...

arrive at the kernel sentences to be used in translation

Joseph F. Graham in his article Theory for Translation (p.24) asks the question if the time-honoured act of translation really is a subject that begs to be theorized. It seems to me that this is indeed the case if the wealth of literature on the subject available today is any indication...