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I have worked with all of these except the for the Rankine turbine and thermionic generators.

Thermal Energy Storage Research

This system will be used in many of the parabolic power plants in Spain and has also been proposed for several U.S. parabolic plants. The plants will use organic oil as the heat-transfer fluid and molten salt as the storage fluid.

Can thermal solar energy be stored until wintertime

Single-tank thermocline systems store thermal energy in a solid medium—most commonly, silica sand—located in a single tank. At any time during operation, a portion of the medium is at high temperature, and a portion is at low temperature. The hot- and cold-temperature regions are separated by a temperature gradient or thermocline. High-temperature heat-transfer fluid flows into the top of the thermocline and exits the bottom at low temperature. This process moves the thermocline downward and adds thermal energy to the system for storage. Reversing the flow moves the thermocline upward and removes thermal energy from the system to generate steam and electricity. Buoyancy effects create thermal stratification of the fluid within the tank, which helps to stabilize and maintain the thermocline.

Using a solid storage medium and only needing one tank reduces the cost of this system relative to two-tank systems. This system was demonstrated at the Solar One power tower, where steam was used as the heat-transfer fluid and mineral oil was used as the storage fluid.

Master-Thesis: Large-Scale Thermal Energy Storage - …

[7] O. Andersson , "UTES (Underground Thermal Energy Storage) - Applications and Market Development in Sweden," J. Energ. Pow. Eng. 7, 669 (2013).

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Two-tank indirect systems function in the same way as two-tank direct systems, except different fluids are used as the heat-transfer and storage fluids. This system is used in plants in which the heat-transfer fluid is too expensive or not suited for use as the storage fluid.

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From the TRNSYS simulations, the ice storage system consumed 22 – 25% more energy than a comparable chilled water system, while the low temperature storage system consumed 6 – 8% more energy than the chilled water system.

with PCM Thermal Energy Storage for Seawater Desalination

This study generally portrayed the benefits and flexibility of using the coupled simulation approach in evaluating the building performance with PCMs, and showed that employing PCMs in large, open and thermally lightweight spaces can be beneficial, depending on the configuration and mode of operation of the PCM system.

High temperature thermal energy storage systems …

Two-tank direct storage was used in early parabolic trough power plants (such as Solar Electric Generating Station I) and at the Solar Two power tower in California. The trough plants used mineral oil as the heat-transfer and storage fluid; Solar Two used molten salt.


The semi-active PCM-HX-8mm configuration without night ventilation, produced the highest annual energy and CO2 emissions savings of 38% and 23%, respectively, relative to a displacement conditioning (DC) system without PCM systems.

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