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Our entrepreneurial roots and firm culture provide differentiated seller/founder deal flow, which is fertile ground for our value creation strategy.

We have a long history of infusing high-caliber executive talent into our portfolio companies, starting with CEO, to drive growth and value creation.

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While technology is better today than ever, today’s e-learning is only in its infancy. In this new world, people learn what they need to learn on their own time, at their own pace. Right-brain people can have more on-the-job learning, while left-brain thinkers can do more analytical learning online. Usually e-learning is accessed via collaborative self-service that leverages third-party expertise and/or content, which is what many are calling knowledge management today. In the future, e-learning will simply be a way the workforce is developed on an ongoing, just as needed basis.

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The purpose of this study is to determine whether lack of talentmanagement of employees is one of the causes of job dissatisfaction, todetermine whether lack of talent management of employees contributes toemployees’ intentions to leave an organisation and to determine whether talentmanagement plays a positive part in retaining employees in an organisation.

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Three main themes are focused on in this report to identify and describe reasonsfor voluntary employee turnover in business organisations that have a profitobjective, namely low job satisfaction and intent to leave an organisation,employee retention and talent management.

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One of the primary reasons that employees leave their current employer is bettercompensation from the new employer, however talent management in the form ofpersonal development opportunities, opportunities for employees to use theirskills and good career opportunities are important factors influencing anemployee’s decision to stay.