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Effects of dam building on the utilization and management of River resources, Tinau, Nepal.


Nagarkot Cheese factory is one of the largest producers of cheese in Nepal and utilizing its waste to produce bioenergy would make the company be self-sustained in terms of electricity requirement.

Furthermore statutory regulations in waste management for schools were arranged.

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GreenTech Company Ltd is a social environmental enterprise, dedicated to providing affordable environmental solutions to tackle the challenges of deforestation, loss of biodiversity, climate change, desertification, waste management, air pollution and related threats to health and livelihoods, especially for women.

Besides salts, which cause kidney disease, nitrates from solid waste and fertilizers are the most common water contaminants which cause blue baby syndrome disease.

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Therefore, the use of low-cost waste and agricultural by-products for the preparation of activated carbon produces not only a practical adsorbent for the purification of contaminated environments, but also contributes to reduce the solid wastes.

This project aims at evaluating the effectiveness of a new technique in which microwaved olive stone activated carbon (MHOS) is used compared to the conventional thermal process (CHOS).

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Their current activities include building with bamboo for a future art institution in southern Ghana, mapping the water supply of a neighbourhood of Kisangani in the DR Congo and working on waste management and sanitary solutions for the island of Kivalina in Alaska.

solid waste management in each of the 58 municipalities in Nepal.

Thus, the current inappropriate management of waste has an important impact on climate change, especially through the emission of toxic and greenhouse gases in landfills and during burning processes.

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With the establishment of TZCB, many local partnerships have been created, working alongside other social enterprises and providing encouragement for other local organisations to have an environmental ethos associated with them.

Carbon reduction achievements have been delivered via recycling waste management, reuse of furniture, growing local produce, raising awareness and promoting behaviour change across a number of themes including low carbon travel initiatives, energy efficiency and renewable technologies.

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Madacompost treats around 7,000 tons of urban waste per year and produces innovative products from it: 1,500 tons per year of Komposteco, a compost made from municipal organic waste; 1,000 m² per year of Plasteco, building materials (pavements and bricks) made from sand plastic bags from the solid municipal waste; 10 tons per year of Briketeco, an alternative charcoal made from wood waste and 50 tons per year of Korneco, an organic nitrogen fertilizer made from grinded zebus horns and hoofs.

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Through the implementation of a sustainable waste and resources management program, 6 tons of paper were recycled, energy consumption was reduced by around 20% and water consumption decreased by 40 to 50% in the two participating schools.

Mona Othman, who is educated in health sciences and sustainable management, is the co-founder and manager of Naqaa.