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What distinguishes karate as a discipline from most other sports is its consideration for a person’s current level. A good instructor will be challenged to hone in on each student’s current physical level and challenge them at the same time without injury. The idea is to progressively increase that person’s level each time they participate in a class.

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I know this older lady (over 60) that told me a story that she fell on a sheet of ice one winter. She tripped over a wire and fell hard. She admitted that if it weren’t for her karate training (even at her level), she wouldn’t be able to get up from that nasty fall.

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This is not a Commercial Karate school No automatic promotions No long term contracts Just one affordable monthly tuition which includes all stages of

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In the karate world this refers to “the karate way”.

I showed this film to Sensei Frank Cope 6th Dan, one of the longest practicing karateka in Europe and he was amazed by Master Funakoshi's stances and particularly his Kiba dachi during the three Tekki kata. Frank was really impressed by the solidness of his kiba dachi when performing the upper body techniques from the three Tekki kata and how good his hip and torso movement was without his stance even flinching or buckling one inch.

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The philosophy of Dynamic Shotokan Karate-Do International is based on the interdependent principles of contrast taisho and energy transfer naihatsu of Shotokan Karate-Do.

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The purpose of this thesis is to share my research and experience to help other karateka understand where they are in the development process and to better understand the path ahead.

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Karate research paper Eportfolio assignment You should not be ashamed of being a girl it should not be a derogatory term Be proud of your gender and what you re capable of doing

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Bearing in mind that this is a very old movie film, you can get a fair idea of what Funakoshi's karate was actually like. Compared to today, (with the very greatest respect, of course), it appears a little 'wooden' but the Master shows good agility in the jump in Meikyo and his Tekki kata are very good and very powerful looking techniques and terrific stance.
He must have been about fifty four years old at the time. Funakoshi's (Shotokan) karate has fundamentally not changed, it's just progressed, been refined and developed. We have heard this said by all the most senior Japanese instructors, people who are old enough to have actually trained with Master Funakoshi, people like Nishiyama sensei, Sugiura sensei and Okazaki sensei to name but three living examples.

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It shows how the doctrine of Yin and Yang applies to Karate and within this context,how dynamic energy is transferred through
the body by creating an amalgam of opposites or contrast to unleash a devastating power.