Joseph (2004): Battery and Storage in Electric Power Systems

2003) Research Topic: Modeling of Power Trains for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

VEDA PRAKASH / Compact Pulsed Power Systems Using Liquid Dielectrics

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Possible Disciplines: Power Systems Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science

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Taeho’s research focused on developing the swash plate active vibration control for axial piston machines and investigating the effect of swash plate vibration reduction on pump noise emissions. He has developed high-bandwidth pump control systems and demonstrated the feasibility of swash plate active vibration control and active noise control.

Current domestic heating systems largely rely on Natural Gas as their fuel source.

During the development of this system, new algorithms for obtaining the operating point of solar panels and photovoltaic maximum power point tracking were developed.

Ferrero (1997): Application of Game Theory with Incomplete Information to Deregulated Power Systems

Power Electronics and Power Systems

A simulation-based case study was also carried out to demonstrate the features offered by the new platform in which a smart domestic energy control system including photovoltaic generation, hot water storage and battery storage was developed.

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Full list of projects on electronics/electrical for Masters Power Electronics Design and simulation of three problem and solution essay samples phase inverter for grid thesis topics on power system connected photovoltic systems.

INTRODUCTION Modern power systems are highly complex and ..

The package also provides a flexible framework that allows system components to be developed in full object-orientated programming languages at run time, rather than having to use additional third-party development environments.

With proper modelling of the synchronous machine in the power system

In addition to the modelling of electrical power flow and heat transfer that is available in existing building energy simulation packages, the package provides the novel features of allowing the simulation of data communication and human interaction with appliances.

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"What a waste"
Markou, H Dynamic description and modelling of a wind-diesel system for the purpose of control design
Orrock, A Towards optimisation of PVT systems for integration into building facades
Periera, S T The retrofitting problem: A methodology for selecting cost effective energy conservation measures
Price, D E Programme assessment of energy conscious building design
Reilly, E Environmental assessment
Ross, P A feasibility study of the use of photovoltaic panels within the metal finishing industry
Said, N A Economic and environmental evaluation of a passive CHP system
Satharasinghe, C D Grid reinforcements in Sri Lanka

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A new software package was developed which allows for the modelling of small smart grid systems, with a particular focus on domestic systems including electricity, heat transfer, software automation and control and communications.