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This thesis gives an overview of the main security issues related to the mobile agent paradigm.

Interaction tracing for mobile agent security

To support mobility of fog-assist social network in proximity, the system needs to provide a feasible method for dynamic migrating the temporary data from one fog node (i.e. pico data centre) to another. This research involves developing and validating an adaptive pico data centre migration scheme.

In such applications, a mobile agent roams the global Internet in search of services for its owner.

Evaluating the Security of Three Java-Based Mobile Agent Systems

In addition, an application was developed using the Aglet Software Development Toolkit to demonstrate certain features of agent mobility, communication and security.Items in UNISA Institutional Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated.

Mobile agent is a potential method and approach in addressing many issues and problems in managing and maintaining computer labs. In educational institutions, a computer lab consists of many computers used by students and staff, and each institution has many computer labs. Maintaining these public computers is the task given to a few personnel such as computer technician. The technician has to move from one computer to another to do routine task such as running antivirus. The task is tedious and tiresome. Mobile agent has the potential and capabilities to perform the task, where mobile agent can be programmed to do task which is usually done by computer labs' technician. The mobile agent will move from one computer to another in the lab via computer network to execute the maintenance task in each computer autonomously. This work attempts to use mobile agent as a tool to manage computer labs in many aspects including reliability. security,technology and effectiveness. The results from this research show that mobile agents can be an efficient tool for managing computer labs.

Interaction tracing for mobile agent security - CORE

We address the limitations of the Java security model that had to be overcome, and then present a medium-sized e-commerce application that runs over JavaSeal.

A Study on Mobile Agent Security

Due to the fact that the coupling technique requires an agent’s itinerary to be known in advance, we introduce two new concepts: a “Scout mobile agent”, whose primary purpose is to determine the itinerary required for accomplishing a given task, and a “Routed mobile agent”, which operates with an itinerary known in advance.

Security monitor using Java mobile agent.

We also proposed a Petrol Station as an entity that would provide a service to other entities, in the form of certifying mobile agents and equipping them with safe itinerary based on trust score and applying the Routed agent.

my thesis title is network security management using mobile agent

In the second part of the thesis, we shed some light on the security of mobile agent platforms as it is considered more critical than the security of agents.

Authors: Neeran Karnik; Security in the Ajanta Mobile Agent System

In particular, we consider a scenario where a platform hosts a database containing confidential individual information and allows mobile agentstoquery the data base.

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Mobile agents are active objects that can autonomously migrate in a network to perform tasks on behalf of their owners. Current web crawler uses the concept of Mobile Agent to enhance their crawling speed. In mobile crawling, mobile agents are dispatched to remote web severs for local crawling and processing of web documents. After crawling a specific web server, they dispatch themselves either back at the search engine machine, or at the next web server for further crawling. It gives a complete distributed crawling strategy by utilizing the mobile agent's technology but it suffers with the problem of security. In this paper, a security solution has been proposed, which protects both the mobile agent itself and the host resources that encrypt the data before passing it to mobile agent and decrypt it on the visited host sides. The method of "computing with encryption function" has been used. The proposed approach solves the problem of malicious host that can harm mobile agent or the information it contain.