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Thesis (MTh (Practical Theology and Missiology))--University of Stellenbosch, 2009.

Doctoral Degrees (Practical Theology and Missiology)

In order to pass the comprehensive examination, the student must earn a score of “B” (3.0 on a 4.0 scale). If the student receives a grade lower than a “B”, his performance will be reviewed. Permission for a second examination may be granted. A second failure on the comprehensive examinations will result in forfeiture of Doctor of Missiology candidacy status.

Theologically, Newbigin is also significant for pioneering a trinitarian missiology.

Missiology: The Apostle Paul, Asian Diaspora and Mission

As one of the most important missiologists of the twentieth century, Newbigin is well known for being a successful missionary to India and for catalysing missionary engagement with modern Western culture.

Chapter nine considers the theological issue of penal substitutionary atonement and his missiology.

In Part One I evaluate various proposals for a Spirit Christology, discussing some of the particular dogmatic issues in both Roman Catholic and Reformed Spirit Christologies, and highlighting some of the advantages for missiology that lie in a theology of the mutual, coinherent and reciprocal missions of Christ and the Spirit.

It has been fifty years since Newbigin called for the development of an explicitly trinitarian missiology, and this work is a response to that call.

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In doing so I will demonstrate the necessity of a Christian missiology being thoroughly trinitarian, and the abiding significance of Newbigin’s writings for continued missiological reflection for the purpose of serving the call of the Church to mission.This item is not available in full-text via OUR Archive.

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Chapter one investigates what Costas’s autobiographical material expressed about his positions on conversion, Protestant evangelicalism, missiology, and those living on the ‘periphery’ of life.

Phd research proposal in missiology

From the early 1970s until his death in 1987 he wrote over 130 articles and 12 books in both Spanish and English that addressed key missiological concerns.


Part One forms the foundation for Part Two.In Part Two I develop a constructive and systematic trinitarian missiology that builds on Newbigin’s trinitarian missiology presented in Part One.

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Then in chapter three I examine in detail Newbigin’s trinitarian missiology in Trinitarian Doctrine for Today’s Mission and The Open Secret, noting the influences on Newbigin, the historical development in his thought and the content of his account of the mission of the Triune God.

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Thus, this study falls neatly into two Parts.Part One examines the main contours of Newbigin’s missiology from his mission to India (chapter one) and his mission to modernity (chapter two).