Dual-band Microstrip Antennas: Design and Analysis Methodologies

In three minutes or less, using only A paper on design of ms patch antenna.

a Galileo antenna array Master thesis by Microstrip Antenna Design

The antenna is fed by waveguide feeding connected to the radiating patch at the longer side Radiation properties of the proposed including far-field patterns, axialratio, directivity, input impedance and voltage standing waveratio (VSWR), are studied simulating through HFSS (High Frequency Simulation Software).Simulation results are in good agreement, nearly equal E- and H-plane far-field patterns withhigh degree of axial symmetry over a bandwidth of more than 50%.

Thesis: Investigations of Methods for Isolating Two Co-located Microstrip Antennas.

Thesis: Analysis and Design of U-slot Microstrip Antennas, Eric C.

Ahmed Fatthi Alsager, a thesis on “Design and Analysis of Microstrip Patch Antenna Arrays” University of Borås, Thesis No. 1/2011, January 2011.

Titleof thesis:Study of different antennaarray configurations of finite microstrip arrays

Planar microstrip antenna arrays can be solved with the specialinfinite, planar, multi-layer dielectric MoM solver. Finite dielectricstructures can be modelled with the MoM for finite bodies. When thedielectric constants are highly varying the hybrid FEM/MoM or FEM/MLFMMtechniques may be used. These techniques are also very usefulin modelling large arrays.

Thesis: Beam Steering in Phased Arrays Using a Pattern Reconfigurable Antenna, Kevin N.

Required radiation patterns canbe generated from array of antennas.

The radiating element of this antenna consists of an E-shaped patch that assumes a conformal orientation relative to the cylindrical surface in order to yield maximum bandwidth.

Phd Thesis On Microstrip Antenna

Principles of antenna theory. Antenna parameters, radiation integrals. Duality and reciprocity theorems. Wire antennas. Antenna arrays. Traveling wave antennas. Broadband and frequency independent antennas. Aperture and reflector antennas. Microstrip antennas. Antenna design. 4 seminars.

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Abstract: A double-feeding and dual-band circularly polarized microstrip antenna is presented for Beidou Navigation System. CSRR (complementary split ring resonator) arrays are used for the miniaturization of the proposed antenna, together with slotting and corner cutting for circular polarization. Simulation results show that the designed antenna covers two frequency bands, with obviously widened bandwidths caused by the stacked structure. The 10 dB impedance bandwidth and 3 dB axial-ratio bandwidth for lower band are 11.8 MHz and 2.8 MHz respectively, and that for higher band are 165 MHz and 65.7 MHz respectively. There has been good agreement between stimulation and measurement results, confirming the suitability for Beidou navigation application.

microstrip patch array antenna thesis

A typical geneticalgorithm requires genetic representation of thesolution domain, fitness function to evaluate thesolution domain.

Key words: Antenna, Genetic Algorithm,optimization, Radiation patterns, side lobe level,


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Thesis: Analysis and Design of Broadband Single-layer Rectangular U-slot Microstrip Patch Antennas, Steven Weigand (through exchange with University of Darmstadt, Germany), June 2001.