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BancoSol: The Challenge of Growth for Microfinance Organizations(August 1996) English: [

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This study investigates the potential of microfinance to address the overlapping vulnerabilities experienced by women in South Africa’s rural areas. It suggests that microfinance has the potential to generate positive shifts in selected indicators of empowerment and well-being among participating women in rural areas. These claims are tested by evaluating data gathered among clients of the Small Enterprise Foundation (SEF) against a conceptual framework. The framework offers a stepwise progression away from vulnerability: acquiring internal skills (empowerment), strengthening social capital, accumulating assets and, eventually, transforming these assets into wealth.

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The research at the sector level led to understanding of the following: factors influencing microfinance penetration; requirement for improving availability of financial services other than microcredit; need for creating a sector wide credit bureau; benefits of unique identification numbers for residents to facilitate development of credit histories for microfinance members; and the importance of a systematic approach to graduation of group members to individual financial services.

BancoSol: The Challenge of Growth for Microfinance Organizations(August 1996) English: [

The scope of the study was confined to measuring the effect of microfinance on selected poverty indicators, and it did not attempt to prove that microfinance alleviates poverty. As such, the research demonstrates that the government’s efforts to reduce rural poverty can be complemented by micro-level interventions such as access to finance.

Apex Organizations and the Growth of Microfinance in Bolivia(September 1998) [ [ by for

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Microfinance institutions (MFIs) may be flourishing in commercial terms but few are profitable. While MFIs in other regions have consistently reported positive profits, those operating in Africa continue to post negative profits. What explains this disparity? This thesis contributes to the current state of knowledge and research on microfinance profitability by investigating the potential determinants of MFIs profitability with a focus on Africa. Further empirical work is carried out to examine: (i) profit persistence and the speed of convergence; (ii) impact of financing choice on microfinance profitability and (iii) the impact of institutional environment of the host economy where MFI is located on profitability. This thesis is pioneering in using System-GMM estimators in studies of determinants of microfinance profitability which enables us to control for possible endogeneity. The analytical framework uses an unbalanced panel dataset comprising of 210 MFIs across 32 countries operating from 1997 to 2008. Our main estimations show that MFI profitability is non-negligibly driven by MFI specific factors and the institutional environment of the host country. Specifically, average profitability is higher in MFIs that are efficient, well-capitalized and with scale advantages. A key result is that macroeconomic environment is not significant in explaining microfinance profitability.

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As low income groups are often among those lacking such access, microfinance programmes providing financial services to them have emerged as a public policy instrument to promote financial inclusion.

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The research questions relate to how the two major microfinance models in India, the self help group bank linkage program (the SBLP) and the microfinance institution (MFI) model, address barriers to financial inclusion, and facilitate expected outcomes.

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