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Program entrance requirements for Master of Science degree program in Occupational Safety & Health

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Practices and techniques for effective handling and control of hazardous materials and fires. Standards, code compliance issues, & the role of the industrial risk manager will also be examined.

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An examination of constraint management principles, strategies, and concepts as they relate to industrial settings. Also includes an exploration of the tools and techniques that can be used to: (a) measure production performance, (b) overcome core production problems, and (c) integrate solutions into business planning.

The MSc in Occupational Safety and Health (MOSH) is a comprehensive and in depth course covering the management, economic, legal and technical aspects that relate to the hazards of the workplace environment. It is targeted at graduates with an engineering, numerical, business, psychology or health related background and seeks to provide the basis for students to be able to define and explore their chosen Master Thesis.

Master of Science in Occupational Safety and Health

*Applicant may obtain a conditional admission if their undergraduate occupational safety degree did not include construction safety or if the applicant maintained a 3.0 GPA on the last 60-hours of undergraduate work completed. Applicant must maintain a 3.0 in all graduate work attempted during the first 12 hours of the M.S. degree to remain in the program. In addition, the department chair reserves the right to waive any program entrance requirements dependent upon an applicant’s formal request based on prior work experience in the field of occupational safety (five years minimum) or the applicants holding the CSP or CIH designations. In such cases the applicant may be admitted to the M.S. program without completing the required undergraduate coursework in occupational safety. The applicant must still hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. All other exceptions to the program admissions policy will be handled on a case-by-case basis by the occupational safety advisory board.

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This thesis reviews the history of OccupationalHealth and Safety legislation in Australia from itsconception in attempts to regulate the factory system inthe mid-nineteenth century until the passing of theOccupational Health and Safety Act in 1985 in Victoria.

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A substantial part of the research effort in physical property estimation and evaluation is focused on materials that are flammable, toxic, and/or reactive. This property effort directly supports the departmental emphasis on process safety and hazards evaluation.

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The Hazards Characterization Laboratory is an industrial resource designed to characterize the hazardous properties of materials using small quantities. The laboratory is currently focusing on two areas: flammability and reactivity.