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Methods: The microspheres were prepared using inotropic gelation method and different concentration of sodium alginate alone or in combination with other polymers as well as using chitosan as a coating polymer in some formulations. All of the prepared microspheres were evaluated for yield, size, encapsulation efficiency, in vitro release and mucoadhesivity. The selected formulations (F11 and F19) were further subjected to differential scanning calorimetry, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, stability and in vivo bioavailability studies.

The multiplication is carried out between single precision floating point numbers.

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The stochastic EM algorithm is a widely applicable approach for computing maximum likelihood estimates for the mixture problem[2].During past years the active contour models (Snakes) have been widely used for finding the contours of objects.

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This journal discusses current threats to cloud computing as well as summarizing the currently available detection systems for malware in the cloud.

Key words: Cloud threats, Malware, Security, Threat Detection,

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The proposed design is implemented using VHDL on Xilinx ISE.

Key words: component: Floating-Point, SinglePrecision, Shift-add, Radix-4, Multiplication.

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In Workshop on Mobile Computing and Systems Applications,
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