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Also per their website, FedEx has proved they have continued to be innovative by offering electric and hybrid vehicles and recycled envelopes to help lessen their carbon footprint....

FedEx Express was the first service company to win the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award in 1990.

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The premise was to take the pandas to China for conservation and breeding efforts of the endangered species at the beginning of February, this allowed FedEx less than two weeks....

Adding to their advantage, FedEx now offers a one rate shipping service for the convenience of their customers.

Federal Express Corporation (Fedex) was established in 1973. Since then, Fedex had become a global logistics and supply chain management. The company had invested heavily in information technology systems. It had a powerful technical architecture that had the potential to pioneer in Internet commerce. However, there are some difficulties, the company’s logistic and supply chain operations have trouble to keep up the company’s image, The transportation volume growth was slowing down because the competitive industry was too intense. In early 2000 The company announced major reorganization within the entire Fedex family. Each five subsidiary companies was to function independently but to compete collectively.

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Determinants of buying power.
Currently, there are a large number of customers relative to the number of firm in the business so customers don’t have much choice here. The large number of customers with relatively small purchase minimized bargaining power of customers. The four firms in the industry have a similar price for services, only postal service provides a lower price. However, the speed of postal service is really slow so the target customers of postal service would not be the same as Fedex and the other big three

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Value Chain:
Since Fedex is not in the manufacturing industry, its value chain is somewhat different than a manufacturing company. Fedex does not design and manufacture products instead it provides service to clients. The linked set of activities and functions it perform internally will not include sales. To increase its value chain, Fedex performs service for its vehicle internally. This activities will increase the margin for the company

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Internal analysis:
Opportunities for Fedex:

Since Fedex is the biggest express-service company in the world, it set the standard for the whole industry. Being the pioneer putting new software into its business infrastructure will save a lot of money for the company in the long term. Also, Fedex should always keep an eye on information technology and try to adapt to the new emerging technology because it would reduce the operating cost and make the delivery business become more efficient.

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Since each subsidiary operates independently and collectively compete with each other, it will become more dynamic, more productive and more efficient than ever before. Decentralization will give subsidiaries more power to perform on its own. Therefore, Fedex could expand Viking Freight so that it could compete on the international market. This would be a big step to gain the global market share for the freight business.