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David has worked closely with the founders of Net Lease Capital since 1995 and officially joined the firm in 2015 to head up its energy investment division.

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Mark W. Boslett has been working in his chosen field since 1982 in all phases of accounting, with proven expertise in financial management and reporting, costing analysis, budgeting, taxes, internal controls, cash management, banking relationships, and insurance procurement. Strengths include the implementation and streamlining of systems. Therefore, obtaining time and cost savings and a staff trained to be more effective. From 1993 to 2001 he worked with the T&B FOUNDRY COMPANY, INC. Manufacturer of gray and ductile iron castings. As PLANT CONTROLLER he developed systems and internal controls that were instrumental in saving the company approximately $150,000-$200,000. He rewrote costing system and established activity based costing standard costs to improve the pricing and costing functions. He converted the computer system from seller of company to company-owned software. He was directly involved in the reduction of inventory handling costs and related personal property taxes by 50%. He reduced outside audit costs 50% by preparing work papers internally. He reduced insurance premiums by 20% by instituting competitive bidding. Established effective budget process and five year operating plan. He performed analysis for company sponsored 401 k plan. Implemented several financial reports that were invaluable in decision-making and compiled personnel policy handbook and developed an optimal production model to determine the most efficient production levels. He reduced monthly and year-end closing cycles by 15% through automation.

As a co-founder of APEX Property Exchange, David completed over $100 billion in 1031 transactions for his clients in the real estate, aviation, equipment leasing, and automotive industries. He counts among his past clients many Fortune 500 Companies, some of the highest net worth individuals in the US, and many of the largest institutional real estate owners, developers, and REITs.

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As mentioned previously, if the lease agreement meets the necessary conditions for a capital lease and the lessor does not make a profit on the sale, the lease is a direct financing lease, and the asset is considered to have been sold. Each annual payment on the lease is not a rental payment, but a partial payment of the purchase price obligation. Interest accrues annually on this obligation and must be recorded.

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Rick came to Net Lease Capital in 2005. His role encompasses the sourcing, structuring and underwriting of new investment opportunities, as well as oversight of financial reporting on properties in Net Lease Capital’s joint venture portfolio.

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The Lessee will record the asset at the present value of the annual lease payments, and will also record the depreciation. However, if the present value exceeds the asset’s fair market value, then the fair market value should be used instead.

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From 1998 to present Dr. Neizen has been CEO International Storage Systems Holding B.V., Netherlands with International activities in process equipment. Dr. Neizen has multi-lingual capability. From 1993 to 1998 he served as Director, Participation Division, Koop Holding B.V., Director Technical Development, Restructuring of different subsidiaries of the Group, Business Process Re-engineering Koop Holding B.V., Growth of Koop Group NLG 325 to 1,600 Million between 1993and 1998. From 1988 to 1993 he was Process Manager and General Manager, Morton International B.V., EPC of a Grass-root production plant of Sodium Boro Hydride, Introduction of TQM in all European plants. From 1988 to 1985 he served as Process Technology Manager, Katalistiks B.V. ( Union Carbide ), Fluid Cracking Catalyst production plant in Delfzijl ( Netherlands) and Savanah ( Georgia , USA), Zeolite production plant in Delfzijl (Netherlands) and Savanah (Georgia , USA). From 1985 to 1980 he was a Process Chemist, Magnesia B.V. (Billiton Refactories – Shell ), Magnesium-oxide production plant From 1976 to 1980 he served as Chemist, PPG , (Pittsburg Plate Glass ), Fibre glass production plant Dr. Neizen has a M Sc. Degree in Chemical Technology and a PhD Degree in Business Development.

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Lessor leases a building to Lessee for 4 years starting January 1, 20A. Both the cost to Lessor and the selling price are $50,000. There will be four lease payments, with the first one starting immediately on January 1, 20A. (Thus we are dealing with an annuity due situation.) The building has a 4-year life with no salvage value. Lessor’s target rate of return is 10%. This lease meets the 75% test (the lease term is at least 75% of the life here it is 100% of the life) and is therefore, a capital lease. :