Research and Guidelines for MBA and E-Biz Thesis Students

where the implications of expanding the construction company into Asia were discussed.

One is considered as an act of God and the other is negligence.

IT ,short for "information technology", is a term that includes all forms of technology used to create, store, exchange, and use information in its various forms such as business data, voice conversations, still images, motion pictures, multimedia presentations, and other forms, including those not yet conceived.

The issues to be examined are the varied aspects of implementing a global business expansion.

and then the date of the publication

Note that the main title is presented in italics. For a journal article, the main title is the journal; for a book, it is the book title.
Edited book: (1) name of editor(s), (2) ‘ed’ or ‘eds’ in brackets, to show this is an edited book, (3) year of publication in brackets, (4) title of the book in italics, (5) place of publishing company, (6) name of publishing company.

There are four fundamental service theory based upon levels of focus (market focused, service focused, market and service focused and lastly unfocused.

Business ethics involves the role of a company in our society.

The Reference List provides specific details of a publication you have cited which allow the reader to access that publication. The order is always: name of author(s), year of publication in brackets, title of publication, and further details such as location of the publication. The details differ between journal articles, books, chapters in edited books, reports, and websites, and these differences are explained below.

First, the paper provides a brief introduction of the four articles.

Report: Reports are often commissioned and do not specify the author(s). The order of reference is the same as in other publications, but instead of the author, the name of the organisation appears.

Second, the paper compares and contrasts the four articles.

Financial advantages to a sole proprietorship include all the profits belong to the owner of the business minus taxes, social security and Medicare paid out....

Whether it is a master’s dissertation, M.

There are many steps to starting and running a business, but many of them can be easily accomplished simply by filling out some forms, and several small fees.

One of the areas experiencing such growth is the Asia Pacific region.

If yoursentences seem too long, make two or three sentences instead of one. Try to write the same way that you speak when you are explaining a concept.

Name of the Department: Faculty of Physiotherapy

Second, good drawings are very valuable. Otherscientists will understand your paper better if you can make a drawingof your ideas. A co-author of mine has advised me: make figures thatother people will want to steal. They will cite your paper becausethey want to use your figure in their paper.