You don't have to be famous or be in the spotlight to be courageous.

Either risk is serious enough that a person must have courage to endure that particular risk.

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The author is also bringing out details about the animal known as turtle in different themes. For example, the first theme tries to explain how turtles are courageous. The author explains that they are undamaging and attractive animals that have feelings and are capable of decision making like human beings. He adds that if people fail to respect this type of animals, they will transform to their dangerous ancestors by becoming dinosaurs and end up being a threat to peoples’ lives and property. The other theme discusses on how to respect turtles and the author explains to the readers that acquiring knowledge about them can be of great assistance because it gives human beings an opportunity in knowing how to save them from environmental endangerment.

The effects of courage may not always be positive, but they are definitely remembered.

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Analyzing the books of various authors, pay attention to the way courage is presented. Evidently, courage is not always describes as a good quality. Many authors criticize it and show in negative light, stating courage is senseless and does only harm. In order to make your courage essay writing more interesting and true to life – compare characters from literature with real people. Very often you can read articles in the newspapers, magazines about courageous people who risked their life in order to save somebody. If you deepen your knowledge reading other sources from different disciplines, from historical chronicles to the articles on psychology, you will find out many new things and possibly create analogy.

Courage is very important, and the more you use it, the stronger you'll be.

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Weak thesis statement:Thesis Statement Ideas for Writing Courage Essay - EzineMark a strong thesis statement that urges Thesis statement ideas for writing courage essay writing courage under fire thesis statement examples Example of Thesis Statement | What Is a Thesis Statement If you’re looking for examples of thesis statements or sample thesis The thesis statement is a preliminary answer to the research question you pose.

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A well-analyzed essay on courage should present first of all a rich list of definitions of the term according to different dictionaries. Analyze how courage influenced on the historical events; find out about the consequences of actions of courageous people; investigate the problem of courage from literature. If you can not brainstorm creative ideas connected with real life, then dwell on the world literature and study how various writers of different historical periods presented courage in their texts. If you start to analyze these sources, it will be really difficult to stop and limit the field of the research.

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