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Propaganda during the two world wars was similar because “wartime propaganda idealized the image of the war worker woman and portrayed her as the strong, competent, courageous ‘unsung heroine of the home front’” (Yesil 103)....

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From your research and answers start to think about your corporate messaging. Hire a professional branding and communication company to help you get it right. There will obviously be an expense for this. But, if it can prevent your ass fruit from having a lingering flavour, then it may be the best investment your business will ever make.

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It is similar to being in a book shop and looking at all the book covers, wondering which one to purchase. Does the title grab you, does the image entice you and is the author someone you have previously heard of? These are all hooks to have the ‘potential’ buyer turn the book over to read more about the book, before committing to buy or to move onto the next book.

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How Corporate Social Responsibility affect brand image …

value and status
- Multitude of research on CSR creating positive brand image
- Employee-centered (fair wages, equal opportunities)
- Environment-centered (ecological sustainability, environmental protection)
- Community-centered (monetary donations, social programs)
- Purchasing behaviors, attitudes, preferences
- CSR as a business strategy -- bring in customers and profits
- Low prices do not compensate for low level CSR (Mohr & Webb, 2005)
- Consumers reward and punish companies for CSR through purchase behavior (Becker-Olsen, Cudmore, & Hill, 2006; Klein & Dawar, 2004)
- Affects only those aware of CSR -- used as insurance policy (Klein & Dawar, 2004)

How Corporate Social Responsibility affect brand image ..

Your message has to be truthful and honest. If you are claiming that you have the best, fastest, cheapest widget in the world you better deliver. Because if you don’t people are unlikely to be a return customer. Additionally, they are likely to communicate their disappointment with friends, family and colleges, spreading a negative brand association with your company. This alone can cripple a company.

The Importance of Building a Strong Brand Image September 25, 2014

- Globally connected society = increased awareness of environmental/social issues

- Businesses must understand consumers' new values in "global village"

- Current research must account for technological/scientific advancements
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Thesis: Starbucks CSR and Brand Image
The literature relevant to this study includes:
(1) consumers’ views on CSR,
(2) Starbucks’ CSR initiatives,
(3) the effects of CSR on consumers, and
(4) CSR’s role in creating brand image
- CSR as a whole, not focused on one industry/company
- Lack of consumers' attitudes towards environmental factors
- Lack of environmental studies in CSR
- No racial analysis of consumers' views
- Consumer behavior is based largely on how favorably or unfavorably a brand is viewed (Levy, 1999)

- Correlation between CSR and perception of brand image -- translated to all corporations

- Affect PR/marketing/advertising strategies, shareholder interest, customer perception, brand image, customer loyalty/ new customers = PROFITS

- As a method will be discussed in the following categories: 1) ethical; 2) economic; 3) philanthropic; 4) environmental

- Model is based off of and combines works of Bowen (1953), Davis (1967), Johnson (1971), Eilbert and Parket (1973) Carroll (1979), and Carroll (1999)

- For this study, CSR can be defined as a business concept in which companies are made accountable for economic, ethical, social, and environmental concerns and duties.