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History of biomimicry2.1 The origin of biomimicry2.2 Early inventions of biomimicry3.

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Building upon the claim made by biomimicry scientists that a full emulation of nature engages form, ecosystem, and process, this thesis uses a phenomenological approach to interpret human and environmental wholeness.

History of biomimicry2.1 The origin of biomimicry2.2 Early inventions of biomimicry3.

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Dimitri is a practicing biologist and a perpetual student of nature. His passion lies in understanding how the natural world works and sharing these wonders with others, from students to professionals to the public at large. Dimitri is inspired by the simplicity and elegance of using nature’s operating instructions to improve the function and sustainability of human forms, processes and systems. He is particularly interested in working at the interface of biomimicry with biological research, whether in the classroom or at the design table. After studying biology at Carleton College in Minnesota, Dimitri returned to his hometown of San Francisco to pursue research at the California Academy of Sciences. Meanwhile, he is studying for his masters in Biomimicry at Arizona State University and the Biomimicry Professional Certificate with Biomimicry 3.8.

History of biomimicry2.1 The origin of biomimicry2.2 Early inventions of biomimicry3.

Biomimicry Thinking Framework
Provides context to where, how, what, and why biomimicry fits into any design process
Could follow circular path or even different paths
Following the specific steps within each phase helps ensure a successful design
Biomimicry: History, Process, Future
Biomimicry: History, Process, Future
Biomimicry: History, Process, Future

Give THREE EXAMPLES of design solutions from nature that were mentioned in this video.

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Theresa Millard has 30 years working in manufacturing, product development, sustainability and CSR. She is an experienced facilitator in the field of Design for Environment/Sustainability and related innovation workshops and experiential learning. Theresa is the creative force behind the Kohler Innovation for Good Waste Lab which she has been working on for the past three years believing that taking a nature based abundant view of the world rather than “lean” approach to waste streams can change how everyone looks at resources. She has taught multiple biomimicry workshops and classes in both Europe and USA that further explore how we learn in the context of nature. Theresa is a member of Kohler’s Environmental Leadership Team and Stewardship strategic councils. Co-founder of Biomimicry Iberia, European Biomimicry Alliance and member of the Biomimicry Global Network Leaders. Certified Biomimicry Professional (Biomicry3.8), BFA – Ceramic Arts – Wolverhampton Polytechnic, UK, MFA – Ceramic Arts - University Washington, Seattle.

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He has a background in Industrial Design (BA Aguascalientes, MSc UNAM Mexico) and teaches in the area of biomimetic design, holistic thinking, design ethics and ecotechnologies. Recently he joined forces with the Centre for Environmental Change and Human Resilience (CECHR), and is the co-founder Biomimicry UK, a collaborative platform to provide nature-based solutions to understand and solve the challenges we are facing in the 21st century.

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PhD researcher at the Centre for the Study of Natural Design (Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design) where currently develops new educational methods and design tools to facilitate nature-based learning. His study is based in the analysis of concepts such as biophilia, biomimicry and resilience which are helping to promote ethical behaviour change towards a Bio-Civilisation.

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Richard James MacCowan is the co-founder + director of Biomimicry UK, a York-based social enterprise. He is a creative entrepreneur and designer with a wide range of experience across a variety of sectors, from equine health technology with the startup, Smart Stable Limited, through to health, wellbeing and ecological design with via his design consultancy, Inspired by Nature.