Determinism is of course the most obvious of the three features....

Hard determinism claims that the human personality is subject to, and a product of, natural forces.

Remember, I believe in determinism and theuniversality of causality.

Altered action due to realizationis not incompatible with determinism, and the existence of antecedent causes of will does not imply ONGOING COMPULSION to will.

The problem found within the belief of hard determinism is the issue of moral responsibility.

These data are not consistent with the thesis of determinism.

(Popper claims he disturbed Einstein by this characterization of determinism assubjectivist, because Einstein saw himself as an ardent realist — a believer in objective reality.) Popper holds that only the future isindeterministic, and that the past is trivially deterministic.

Einstein's inclinationto treat time as a "fourth dimension" struck Popper as an indication of Einstein's subjectivist, determinist dismissal of the "arrow of time".

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The web of moral demands, feelings and participant attitudes comprises a set of facts within human social life which must be investigated in order to understand the relation (or lack thereof) between determinism...

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If determinismis an unproveable (and therefore disproven, according to Popper) assertion, where is the scientific evidence that "World 2" is not a part of World 1"?

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This kind of determinism motivated the escalation from atomic to thermonuclear weapons, from bombers to missiles, and from single warheads to multiple, independently targetable re-entry vehicles.

Determinism is a claim about the laws of ..

Popper says that "the decisive argument for indeterminism is the existence of rational knowledge itself." This, of course, would be "scientific"indeterminism, proven by the "scientific evidence" of the existence of knowledge.

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The essence of Popper's argument seems to be that "scientific"determinism can not be proven unless all scientific truth has been discovered in its entirety.

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These include a biological determinism, where man is conceived of as controlled by his primitive animal instincts and a sociological determinism, whereby the weak are destroyed and the strong survive in a world of struggle and chance....

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Technological determinism is at least as old as Karl Marx. In the second half of the twentieth century, however, it spawned an extensive scholarly literature that has moved beyond Marxian materialism.