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It allows the surrounding buildings both to complement each other and stand out individually for their architectural character.
The space retain its own distinctiveness and sense of place through its organic structure responding to site condition level change, water features, edge, axis and other elements.

The Statement of Purpose must describe the candidate’s specific focused interest in landscape architecture and indicate what informs his/her interest.

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Thesis is the capstone of the BAC's Master of Architecture educational program.

In the event that you are taking a course in architecture, you will at some point be asked to deliver a strong paper, and present it to your teachers for marking. The following are some simple ideas that you can work with, in the event that you are allowed the freedom to choose your own topics:

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In addition to these standard academic measures the Landscape Architecture Program requires submissions that relate more specifically to the candidate’s area of interest in, and aptitude related to, landscape architecture.

All candidates must submit:

• Transcripts of undergraduate degrees and post graduate work.

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In addition, the Statement of Purpose should indicate which location (Blacksburg campus or Washington Alexandria Architecture Center) would be the candidate’s primary educational venue and the reasons for this selection.

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The program is designed to allow seasoned practitioners an opportunity to earn an advanced degree by completing focused studies in an individually tailored program.

Admission Requirements– 1–Year Plus Thesis MLA Program

This degree program is available on a limited basis to seasoned practitioners who wish to undertake scholarly activity within a narrowly defined area of landscape architecture.

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With modern technology, domes no longer required being solid, the use of glass allows the architect to engender openness and accessibility.
This further strengthen the author’s concept of transparency, the glass above the debating chamber encourages an interactive human–spatial relationship, at the same time it allows the public full view of the ongoing debate inside the debating chamber from outdoors.
The key design strategy besides allowing light to funnel and illuminate the chamber, it acts as a magnet for pedestrian, attracting them to have a glimpse of the chamber out of curiosity.

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