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A good investment thesis should be specific enough to clarify where members of the organization should be looking for transactions and to help the company avoid “me too” or off-strategy transactions that are unlikely to add value or are a mismatch with the company’s style of competition. A high degree of precision in the investment thesis empowers the organization to source transactions proactively, rather than just react to pitch books from bankers (which almost always involve a public auction process that drives down returns for acquirers).

While some focuses on a rapid growth of the investment portfolio, some focuses on wealth protection and, hence, are safety investment strategies.

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Koch Industries, for example, seeks quality businesses with volatile and uncertain earnings, high asset intensity, structural cost advantages, and reasonable valuations. Once a target is acquired, Koch uses its distinctive capabilities and approach to risk to systematically improve performance and grow the business over a multidecade holding period. The clarity of its investment thesis and its disciplined approach to valuation allows Koch to acquire companies in different industries—such as pulp and paper company Georgia-Pacific and electronic-interconnector manufacturer Molex—confident that they will grow faster and create more value as Koch subsidiaries than they would on their own.

Earnings are improving, and valuation is just slightly above historical averages in international markets today. Additionally, there are some long-term positive drivers for international equities. These include the changing sector makeup of international markets (more technology and less commodities); improving corporate governance; and the fact that international markets are earlier in the business cycle than the U.S. is today. Despite the outsized gains in international markets, we believe that investors should remain at targeted exposure levels internationally. Last year, we recommended international equities over domestic equities for allocation of new assets. Today, we favor U.S. equity markets over markets abroad (despite our evenweight position for all equity markets). For investors that are overweight international stocks, we recommend reallocating a portion of that excess exposure back to U.S. markets.

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The process of selecting an appropriate investment strategy must take into consideration the goals of the individual investor, the future needs for capital and the individual’s level of risk tolerance.

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Our capabilities offer intermediaries (IB and PE) and strategic acquirers an edge with up-to-date understanding of market landscape and disruptions. We leverage our proprietary platform to track disruptions and ecosystem activity. Our systematic bottom-up approach for market mapping, trend analysis and identifying business model disruptors enable us to build the investment thesis.

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While some investors may prefer to apply an investment plan that minimises risk, some may opt to maximise expected returns by putting much of their hard earned money into risky assets but the middle-of-the-road investment policy is often preferred by some investors as their investment strategy.

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There are different forms of investment strategies and they range from active strategies like market timing which focuses on maximizing returns to passive strategies that minimizes costs which includes transaction costs.