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In 1990 we built an artificial fovea controlled by an adaptive neural controller.

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A major advantage over conventional discrete-time recurrent neural networks with fixed time steps, as well as Kalman filters and time-delay neural network (TDNN) models with fixed time steps, is that the distribution of time steps is now arbitrary, allowing for smaller time steps during steep signal transitions for much better trade-offs between accuracy and CPU time, while there is also still freedom in the choice of time steps after the neural network model has been generated.

Meijer, ``Neural Networks for Device and Circuit Modelling,'' in Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering, Proc.

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As platform we used a wireless smart camera system containing an SIMD (Single-Instruction Multiple-Data) processorfor real-time detection of moving persons and an 8051 microcontroller for implementing the neural network.

A 2013 variant was the first method to evolve neural network controllers with over a million weights.

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The resulting formalism represents a wide class of nonlinear and dynamic systems, including arbitrary nonlinear static systems, arbitrary quasi-static systems, and arbitrary lumped linear dynamical systems.Envisioned application areas include the representation and control of nonlinear neural dynamicsand its use in neuroengineering, oscillatory brain dynamics, neuromodulation, and computational neuroscience.

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With feedback from output to input, attractor neural networks can be represented for modeling arbitrarily complex brain dynamics (including various forms of chaotic behavior).

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This is possible because the neural formalism with external feedback can represent any dynamical system described by implicit nonlinear vector equations of the general form f(x,dx/dt,t)=0.

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Note that the approach may also be applied to non-deterministic and noisy systems that arecharacterized by differential-algebraic equations for the deterministic statistical models, e.g., dynamic Bayesian networks (DBN).

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ISBN 90-74445-26-8.Since the methods described in this thesis generalize multilayer perception networks, theymay similarly be readily extended to incorporate modern methods for layer-by-layer pre-training with stacked autoencoders, e.g.